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In our Betrally test report, you can read all about our experiences with this still young online betting provider. This business belongs to ZapZap Marketing Limited Company headquartered in Cyprus and was founded in 2012. Just one year later and the Betrally website went online with a sports-betting license from Curaçao, making this Cypriot betting provider one of the newcomers on the market. In addition to its focus on sports betting, the website of this online bookie offers various online casino options. In the test of Betrally conducted by us we examined various categories which, based on our experience, are essential on the online wagering marketplace. These include odds, betting products, live bets as well as user-friendliness, all of which we place under the microscope in the course of our extensive analysis. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Betrally later, but we can reveal even now: With respect to a number of points, this newcomer is quite able to keep pace with the big players on the online bookmaking market, certainly making them an interesting alternative for tipsters.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. Betting Products
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Live bets
  4. Betting Bonus
  5. User-Friendliness
  6. Payment Options
  7. Customer Service
  8. Professionalism
  9. In summary
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BETTING PRODUCTS – Betrally performs convincingly in our test

In this test category, Betrally manages to keep pace with even its bigger competitors in the industry, boasting a portfolio of around 30 available sports and thus a considerable number of betting opportunities. This newcomer online bookie from Cyprus meets all expectations with respect to football, with betting opportunities on fixtures in all of the top international leagues, along with a number of more extravagant betting options: Bets on matches in lower-level divisions such as the German Regional- and Oberliga as well as England’s National League are possible, as are wagers on competitions under the auspices of less acclaimed associations such as those in Macau and Uzbekistan. In smaller European countries like Austria, you can even bet all the way down to the regional-league level. In addition to football, in the course of our Betrally test we also discovered opportunities to bet on other classic sports such as tennis, basketball, American football and ice hockey. Less popular sports such as badminton, surfing and table tennis can also be checked out on Betrally, while this young betting provider from Cyprus also pays appropriate attention to the burgeoning E-sports sector as well. Betrally also performs well when it comes to betting markets: With around 100 different types of bet per encounter in the major European leagues, this newcomer absolutely stands up to comparison with its peers in industry, though does not quite rank amongst the elite. Nonetheless, even for fixtures in smaller leagues such as the Austrian Bundesliga and the Swiss Super League, for individual match-ups we did occasionally discover as many as 83 different betting options. In addition to its sports-betting area, this young Cypriot bookmaker also boasts a casino that includes classics like poker and roulette, along with more modern games and slots as well as a live casino. Furthermore, in its category “specials” you will be able to find political and social events such as the Eurovision Song Contest along with various elections. Overall, within the scope of our Betrally experience report we were able to establish a well-rounded, balanced offer, not necessarily automatic for a young bookmaker such as this. In this category of our Betrally test, we award 17/20 points.

BETTING ODDS – Our experiences attest to stable, above-average odds

In the category of betting odds, which should be one of the core areas for any bookmaker, Betrally performs passably well in our test. In the major European football leagues, including the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League, the average payout rate ranges from 93 to 95%, while even in the smaller leagues such as the Austrian Bundesliga or the Swiss Super League, you can still count on rates from 92-94%. In the world of basketball, too, Betrally delivers excellent payouts of around 95% for key match-ups, good value and above average for the industry. Yet another positive aspect in this area of our test: even for under-the-radar events such as the Turkish beach volleyball league and the European Challenger Series in table tennis, the payout rates don’t drop much at all, with values between 92-93% still significantly above the 90% mark. While this does not quite suffice for a top score in this category of our Betrally test either, it certainly places them in the top third of our comparison with other betting providers. For the extremely stable odds offered by this young online bookie, we award 16/20 points.

LIVE BETS– Betrally meets all the requirements in this aspect of our test

Due to ever more streaming opportunities for sporting events of all kinds, live betting is a growing sector of the online bookmaking market. This is why, in this particular category of our Betrally test, we closely examine this bookmaker’s live betting opportunities with a specific emphasis on the number of betting opportunities, the design of the live betting area, along with possible supplemental services such as statistics as well as animations of game action. The live betting opportunities mirror their standard bets: At the time we conducted our research, most events revolved around football, followed closely by tennis. We also discovered an ample supply of events at Betrally focused on basketball, handball and baseball, while the selection of available live bets will likely vary depending on when you access the site. For many match-ups, we were able to discover over 80 betting markets, which, based on our experience, is an above average amount. For absolute top encounters, we can assume that number will increase significantly. In our Betrally test report we draw particular attention to the uncluttered and pleasant design of the live betting area, which is well-structured. In a separate menu, current live bets are divided up by sport, allowing you to find your favorite matches as quickly as possible. A major negative we encountered in the course of our Betrally experience report was a failure to clearly indicate any changes in current odds. These change, though without any additional graphics or other forms of indication, making it easy to overlook the latest odds updates. Future opportunities and particularly interesting match-ups for live bets are displayed in the areas “Upcoming” and “Highlights”, providing you with a clear overview of what you can look forward to. Game statistics as well as a “Match Tracker” are also available for select games, including an animation of the current sporting action. However, we did not encounter a live stream on the site, resulting in a slight points deduction in our evaluation. As a whole, we evaluate the total live-betting package from Betrally as satisfactory: 7/10 points.

BETTING BONUS – The new customer bonus from this young bookmaker goes with a proven concept

USER-FRIENDLINESS – Betrally convinces us completely in this category of our test

For its user interface, Betrally accumulates major points in this aspect of our test, though here, too, minor shortcomings prevent them from earning a top score. From the very first visit, the desktop version of their website appeals with its clearly structured and uncluttered design, providing for very intuitive orientation. The main navigation bar is in the header area – as is the case with most sites – where users can select the broad categories offered by Betrally (sports, live betting, casino etc.). If you select the sports-betting area, you will be taken to the corresponding webpage, where their offer is presented by means of a classic design: On the left-hand side, you can select between different sports and leagues, with this betting provider featuring a separate category “Top Events” which contains a selection of top-flight sporting competition. At the bottom end of this left-hand menu, you will also find a link to important information about this betting provider. The middle portion of your screen is used to present current live-betting opportunities. However, once you select a league from the menu on the left-hand side, it will then show corresponding fixtures from that particular day’s sporting action. One click on any of these will take you to the betting markets, while in most cases, additional information such as relevant statistics will also be provided. On the right-hand side, in addition to your betting slip you will also find a short listing of current live bets. The footer area includes links to payment methods, contact opportunities, along with answers to organizational and legal questions. Particularly apparent within the scope of our Betrally test: the appealing presentation of content on the website as well as the pleasant color scheme, which, due to good contrast, made a decisive contribution to our positive user experience. Unfortunately, when it came to language selection, we were only able to establish an English version of the website, representing a source of regret with respect to our overall evaluation and a corresponding points deduction. In addition to the desktop version of the website, we also discovered that Betrally offers a mobile web app which is automatically opened, without having to be downloaded, when you access the site via your smartphone or tablet. In our Betrally test, this app scores points with similar qualities to the desktop version. We draw particular attention to its thoughtfully conceived placement concept and successful overall structure. Both the desktop as well as the mobile versions performed well in our Betrally test with respect to loading times, while this young betting provider assures security through standard methods (SSL encryption, secure FTP, firewall). Overall, in this category of our betting provider test there isn’t much to complain about, which is why Betrally receives 8/10 points for its convincing Internet presence.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – In this area, Betrally still has work to do

In its selection of accepted payment methods, within the scope of our Betrally test we noticed a slight improvement: with VISA (and VISA Electron), MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, BankTransfer, paysafecard, ecopayz, MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA, you have a solid selection of transactions available to you. Nonetheless, the absence of industry leader PayPal resulted in a points deduction in our evaluation of Betrally, while, even though this young bookie has slightly improved its payment options, in comparison to many other betting providers there is still room for even more improvement. In addition, based on our own experience, without a login it is not possible to read details about the various payment methods, which we did not consider to be a positive contribution to overall customer friendliness. While this betting provider’s willingness to improve in this area is clearly evident, in our mind Betrally still has work to do. In this section of our Betrally test we award 6/10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Solid support with some weaknesses

Similar to the payment options, in this section of our Betrally test we also established that this young betting provider has room to grow: Though support is offered 24/7, we were only able to discover a phone number and email address as ways to get in touch with Betrally. Making life a little tougher for customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, international dialing codes for phone calls were not provided, while email support is only available in English. However, if this isn’t an obstacle for you, it is fair to assume you will have positive experiences with Betrally’s customer service, not least because answers are provided promptly and competently. You can also opt for more modern contact methods such as Facebook and Twitter, scoring additional points for Betrally in this area of our test. Ultimately, in this category of our test – as previously mentioned – we encounter a similar situation as with the payment options: While this newcomer online bookie is undoubtedly striving to eradicate a number of weaknesses, it only partially succeeds in doing so. As a consequence, this bookmaker from Cyprus scores 7/10 points in our Betrally test.

PROFESSIONALISM – Our Betrally test left no doubt as to this betting provider’s serious intentions

With a license from the Caribbean island of Curaçao, Betrally leaves no doubt with respect to its professionalism, resulting in a good score in this area of our betting provider test. Furthermore, in a separate category entitled “Responsible Gaming”, this young online bookmaker addresses ways to prevent gambling addiction. As a consequence, in this section of our test Betrally almost effortlessly achieves full marks: 10/10 points.

Betting Taxes

When it comes to betting taxes, we have good news for German tipsters on Betrally: This young betting provider forgoes withholding Germany’s standard 5% betting tax on wagers or winnings. We find this extremely praiseworthy, definitely meriting additional points in our evaluation of Betrally.

IN SUMMARY – Newcomer online bookie Betrally delivers an interesting overall package

Betrally is a comparatively young betting provider, yet one that already performs extremely well in certain categories. Above all when it came to betting products and user-friendliness, we enjoyed outstanding experiences with Betrally, meaning they raked in the points in those particular areas. However, the young bookie does lag behind in certain aspects, though in virtually all of those, we note a clear drive and willingness to improve. Notwithstanding, especially when it came to payment options and customer service, their efforts did not quite manage to challenge their higher-profile competitors. In general, however, in our Betrally test we see that this young, ambitious betting provider has boundless potential, which is why we are excited to see what this young bookmaker has up its sleeve in future. For the moment, however, Betrally’s scores place it clearly in the mid-range.

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