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BETFAIR REVIEW – Our Test and Experiences

As part of our Betfair test, we share our experiences with this UK betting provider, one of the biggest online bookmakers in the world, providing a comprehensive analysis detailing various categories such as betting products, odds and user-friendliness. Founded by Andrew Black and Edward Wray in London in 1999, Betfair has surged brilliantly ever since. Through specially developed software that allows gamblers not only to bet on the outcome of individual events, but also to against each other, Betfair has managed to set itself apart from the competition. Through this unique principle, known as the "Betting Exchange", bets and odds can be agreed between players, allowing for very individualized betting experiences on Betfair. The betting exchange is currently not available for customers from Germany and Austria, though this has certainly not hindered the rise of this British bookmaker in that market either: In addition to their betting exchange, Betfair features a classic betting product, guaranteeing beginners and professionals positive experiences, which we present in the following review. Today, more than 5 million bets are placed on Betfair every day by more than 3 million registered customers worldwide, over 1 million of whom are regularly active, with support provided by almost 2,000 employees. For its exemplary service in the field of sports betting, Betfair has already received the prestigious "Queens Award" in the category "International Trade". In addition, the British online bookmaker has been able to further enhance its reputation through partnerships with top international clubs such as Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Bayer 04 Leverkusen. In our Betfair test, we put this industry leader's offer through its paces and attempt to pinpoint the reasons behind the positive response it has received.

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Themen in diesem Artikel:
  1. Betting Products
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Live Betting
  4. Betting Bonus
  5. User-Friendliness
  6. Payment Options
  7. Customer Service
  8. Professionalism
  9. Summary
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Unser Testbericht und unsere Erfahrungen bei Betfair
89/100 Percent
Criteria Rating
Betting offer 19 / 20
Odds 18 / 20
Live betting 9 / 10
Betting bonus 8 / 10
Benutzerfreundlichkeit 9 / 10
Methods of payment 8 / 10
Customer Service 8 / 10
Seriosität 10 / 10

BETTING PRODUCTS - In our test, Betfair lives up to its reputation as an industry leader

In this category of our Betfair test, we take a closer look at the portfolio of available sports and betting markets. At Betfair, we found a wide variety of products, including over 30 different sports. The focus of this betting provider is, of course, clearly on soccer: We discovered international top competitions such as the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga and the German Bundesliga on Betfair, as we did encounters from lesser known football associations such as Armenia, Bahrain and Cameroon. In the big soccer nations like England or Germany, you can even bet all the way down to the amateur level, with betting opportunities including the German Oberliga or the English Isthmian League. In our Betfair review, we also noted extravagant long-term bets, including on the next coach of Bayern Munich.
In addition to soccer, other popular sports such as basketball, ice hockey and tennis play a major role at Betfair, too, while more exotic disciplines and fringe sports such as squash, floorball and netball are also represented. Of course, as we might expect from a British bookmaker, traditional betting sports such as horse- and dog racing are a must as well, also reflected in Betfair’s betting opportunities. In recent years, E-sports and virtual sports have becoming increasingly important on the betting market. As one of the industry leaders, Betfair has kept pace with the popularity of these sports as well, offering an attractive product. Apart from sports betting, the British bookmaker also features various political and social bets and out-of-the-ordinary options such as current Bitcoin rates. With an extensive online casino product, including modern slots along with classic games such as poker, roulette and blackjack, the bookmaker rounds off its offer, underscoring in our Betfair test its position as one of the industry leaders. In terms of betting markets, this bookie also performs well: With respect to matches in major European leagues, this established bookmaker is one of the industry leaders, offering betting options, for example, on the number of shots taken by a particular player. In smaller leagues like the Austrian Bundesliga, however, the number of betting opportunities drops significantly, which is why we have to deduct a point in this aspect of our Betfair test. Nevertheless, this experienced online betting provider presents a well-balanced offer, one that is sure to appeal to even the most extravagant tipster. With new categories such as their Jackpot Bet, which, after placing bets on a pre-selected series of bets, makes it possible for you to win as much as € 30,000, this British bookie also demonstrates that it is always open to new ideas, constantly looking to expand its product range. We therefore award 19/20 points in this category of our Betfair review.

BETTING ODDS - Our Betfair experiences testify to solid odds

In addition to the betting products, the odds are central to every bookmaker’s performance. Which is why we also subjected Betfair to a tough test in this regard, not only paying attention to the average payout, but also making a comparison by sport and the types of bet. Obviously, we only examine the odds for classic sports-betting since the odds negotiated by individual players in the Betting Exchange are not representative and cannot be compared objectively. Within the scope of our Betfair test, we determined an average payout of 92-93%, earning this British bookie a solid score. Particularly in the top European leagues, such as the Premier League and La Liga, we had very positive experiences on Betfair with high odds: It is not rare for the payout rate in these two leagues to be around 97%. In the German Bundesliga and Serie A, however, the odds drop somewhat, down to as low as 94%. However, our Betfair review indicates that the odds from this bookmaker may increase significantly just before kick-off, which is why, for example, in the German Bundesliga, if you show some patience in placing your bets, even here absolute top odds are possible. In terms of the other sports disciplines included in Betfair's offer, tennis and basketball stood out with average payouts of 94-95%. In our Betfair test, we also found a slight tendency towards favorite bets - regardless of the sport. In summary, in this category, too, our Betfair field report shows that this well-established bookmaker lives up to its claim to be an industry leader, with only a few minor shortcomings. Although there are a few bookies out there offering slightly better odds than Betfair, this British bookmaker is certainly right in the mix with the leaders. As a consequence, Betfair achieved a good rating in our test: 18/20 points.

Betfair Sport Homepage In our test Betfair was able to score quite some points with its website

LIVE BETTING - Our Betfair experiences testify to a well-rounded live-betting program

In this category of our Betfair Test, we share our experiences with this bookmaker's live betting program. Similar to their betting product in general, the live betting area boasts an extensive selection of events, although the focus here is clearly on football. But in the course of our research, we also found no shortage of events in the world of tennis, basketball and volleyball. Clearly, the choice of betting markets and services offered varies according to the popularity of the respective games. However, in our experience, even when it comes to less prestigious events there are ample betting opportunities available on Betfair. With regards to the design of the live betting area, in our mind there is not much to complain about: With a simple click in the main navigation bar, you are immediately taken to the current live bets, which are then subdivided into different sports in a separate navigation menu. By selecting a particular encounter, a new page opens up displaying betting markets, detailed statistics and a real-time animation. However, the real-time animation is usually only available for higher-profile events. Unfortunately, the site does not indicate up- or downward trends in odds through its color scheme or any other way, so that is something you have to keep a close eye on for yourself. As a consequence, we were compelled to deduct a full point in this aspect of our Betfair test. However, we felt that the overall layout and color scheme of the live betting area was very positive since the site, despite having a very wide product selection, felt well-organized and in no way overloaded. In addition, Betfair users can take advantage of live streams on selected matches, which we view as highly positive. In our test of this particular betting provider, the overall well-rounded live-betting offer of this industry giant from Great Britain, with just a few minor shortcomings, merits a rating in the upper mid-range. Due to our consistently good Betfair experiences, we award 9/10 points in this category.

BETTING BONUS - Unconventional and flexible new customer offer draws beginners to Betfair

In terms of betting bonuses, in the course of our Betfair test we discovered a special offer which differs from standard 100% buy-in bonuses. To do so, you must first open a first-time betting account on Betfair as a new customer and enter bonus code ZBBC01. Using this bonus you can earn a total of 5 free bets in the amount of £ 20 each. Based on our experience, you can then cash in any winnings for real money. However, there are certain restrictions to be considered when placing your bonus-relevant bets, since combo bets and single lines of combo bets are also excluded from the Betfair bonus. Likewise, multiple bets on one and the same event are not possible. In our Betfair review, we also note that all bonus-qualifying bets must be placed and resolved within a 30-day time limit. In total, the bonus program of industry giant Betfair convinces, above all, thanks to its very realistic betting conditions. The minimum deposit of £ 10 (for full bonus amount) is not high. This is why, in our test of this bookmaker we award Betfair a good 8/10 points.

USER-FRIENDLINESS – Betfair’s offer is thoughtfully conceived and well-differentiated

Since nowadays, a professional web presence and appealing user interface in the field of online sports betting is a must, even an industry leader like Betfair can’t allow itself to show any shortcomings in this area. In our analysis, we focused primarily on sports betting, which we examined in detail according to various factors such as menu navigation, clarity and performance. Our first impression of the website is quite positive: With a bright design and clearly subdivided areas, the website of this established online betting provider convinces from the very outset. Using the main navigation bar in the header area of ​​the page, the betting offer can be filtered, where, in addition to the various sports (via dropdown menu), it also displays the live betting area and various specials currently being offered by this betting provider. On the left side, we found several menus where the bookmaker highlights various aspects of its offer. In addition to quick links to current live events or odds boosters, there are also links to upcoming betting opportunities in top competitions of various sports, with football playing a major role among the various leagues listed there. Here, our Betfair test encountered individual betting tips along with the associated odds. In addition to several teasers, the middle portion of the page is dedicated to special offers and promotions from this betting provider, with betting highlights which can be filtered according to sports, leagues and competitions.

A simple click on one of these events takes you to all of the betting markets Betfair offers for the individual match-ups. The right side also features a variety of betting possibilities from this bookmaker’s product selection, including special bets such as who will become the next coach of Bayern Munich. In terms of color scheme, there is also little to complain about in our Betfair test, since we had positive experiences with the combination of a light background and black font. Odds are framed in a bold blue, which makes them stand out immediately. The website is completed by a footer, which contains not only the terms & conditions but also contact information and references to licenses as well as co-operations. We also wish to point out in our Betfair review that there is an explicit reference to their mobile offer, which is accessed by means of a small button in the header area of ​​the website. This link takes you to the download page for the app, which can be used on both iOS and Android. For those tipsters who do not want to install a separate app on their smartphone or tablet, we also discovered a mobile version of the website as part of our Betfair test. Both the mobile version and the downloadable app, just like the desktop version, convinced us with their clear structure, good color choice and fast loading times. We therefore give 9/10 points in the User-Friendliness category of our Betfair test.

Betfair App We had an excellent experience with the Betfair mobile app

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Here, based on our review, Betfair lags just a little

With respect to payment options, we felt that the selection was not particularly broad, especially for such a large bookmaker: However, PayPal, bank transfer, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill, paysafecard, giropay and various credit cards are all available for transactions from and to your betting account. However, not all forms of payment can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, and sometimes we also came across transfer fees within the scope of our Betfair test. Further details can only be viewed by registered customers, leaving us with a not-so-pleasant aftertaste from our Betfair experience. While the popular E-wallet PayPal is offered as part of their payment program, we do feel compelled to make some deductions in our Betfair rating for the reasons mentioned above: 8/10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Very strong in English, though German has room for improvement

Since Betfair is now one of the biggest players in the betting market, personal contact and rapid response to customer concerns is an even more important factor when it comes to gaining customer trust. Our Betfair experiences demonstrate an adequate range of contact opportunities including a live chat and a telephone number for questions to the bookmaker. Above all, contact via phone is not always a given nowadays, which certainly earns Betfair extra points in our test. We also had a positive experience with respect to response times, especially in the live chat, where we received an answer within less than a minute. For those users who prefer more modern forms of contact, Betfair also operates Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, since most of the support is provided in English, we have to make some significant deductions here (customer service in German is only available from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM). For customers from German-speaking countries, however, an extensive FAQ area is available in German, providing answers to the most common questions. In total, however, this established bookmaker provides extremely transparent contact opportunities, therefore meriting a good rating in the upper mid-range: 8/10 points.

PROFESSIONALISM - Our Betfair review does not reveal any compromises in this regard

Boasting several licenses, Betfair demonstrates a very solid foundation in this category of our bookmaker test. In addition to a license from the British Gambling Commission, Betfair is also licensed in Malta (mga) and Gibraltar. Furthermore, this industry giant's website is secured by Norton, adding to overall confidence in the services of this betting provider. Aside from collaborations with prestigious clubs such as Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Bayer 04 Leverkusen as well as its support for initiatives to combat gambling addiction, Betfair was also able to secure the services of Michael Ballack to provide a promotional testimonial. There is certainly nothing to criticize about the serious intentions of Betfair in this category: 10/10 points.


For tipsters from Germany, it is always important to know whether a betting provider requires you to pay betting tax or if this is borne by the bookmaker. In the case of Betfair, we have good news to report since, based on our experience, this British bookie does not pass the 5% tax on to its customers. We find this absolutely fair, and something by no means automatic on the betting provider market.

IN SUMMARY – A strong performance in all categories of our bookmaker test

Our Betfair test clearly confirms the reputation of this giant in the industry as one of the market leaders. With an impressive selection of betting products, good odds and innovative ideas, this online bookmaker, which has been operating since 1999, proves that it is definitely not “old school” and boasts a customer base of over one million active users with good reason. Thanks to an attractive and flexible bonus offer, new customers can enjoy their first experiences betting with Betfair, with the degree of personal risk very much in the user’s own hands thanks to a clever staggering of the bonus into 5 free bets. Unfortunately, there are deductions when looking at the payment options, where the British bookmaker could demonstrate more openness and transparency for non-registered customers. In addition, occasional transfer fees to and from Betfair betting accounts detracted from our positivity in this category of our betting-provider test. Thanks to its various contact options, however, this established bookmaker was able to make up for much of that, with questions answered quickly and uncomplicatedly (though German-speaking support still has room for improvement). Finally, in our Betfair review we find that this seasoned bookmaker with British roots puts a compelling complete product on the market that does not need to shy away from comparison with other industry leaders. Although we did encounter one or two shortcomings as part of our research on the Betfair test, this did not significantly change our fundamentally positive evaluation, which is why we awarded 90/100 points.