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BETBORO TEST REPORT – Our Experiences and Evaluation

In this test report, we present to you our experiences with Betboro in comparison with other betting providers. This bookmaker is a comparatively young bookie active in the sports-betting market for just a few years. Especially in the German-speaking world, they have been a growing force since 2016, garnering more and more attention with their appealing betting offers. Licensed in Curaçao, this provider presents a refreshingly modern website and, in addition to its wide selection of sports bets, also offers casino games and virtual sports. With respect to sporting bets, in our experience Betboro clearly focuses on its live betting program, boasting a portfolio with over 5000 live events covering all kinds of sports. In keeping with this, the young bookmaker describes itself as an “in-play specialist”. In addition to live betting, we introduce you to this bookie’s other highlights in a detailed evaluation that addresses 10 different criteria.

Reading time: 6 min
Topics covered in this article:
  1. Betting Products
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Live Bets
  4. Betting Bonus
  5. User-friendliness
  6. Payment Options
  7. Customer Service
  8. Professionalism
  9. In Summary
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BETTING PRODUCTS – Betboro test shows a diverse betting portfolio

Naturally, our evaluation criterion “Betting Products” is one of the main components of our Betboro test. Our experience shows that this bookmaker provides its customers with a very varied betting program, one of considerable depth in some areas. As is the case with all sports-betting providers, football occupies undisputed pole position with respect to betting markets. All European top leagues – both national as well as international – are represented, as are major events and world championships. In England and Germany, users can also bet on lower-level amateur divisions. Likewise with respect to the rest of Europe as well as globally, the Betboro program covers many leagues and competitions. However, their betting products generally demonstrate less breadth than those at the very forefront of the industry. However, they do feature very attractive betting markets for individual match-ups. With regards to top leagues such as the Premier League, we were able to establish that they offer between 110 and 140 detail- and sub-bets on average – a really good figure! Even for comparatively small leagues such as the Austrian Bundesliga, they offer some 40 different betting markets. Overall, their betting options for football are impressive, though there is, of course, always room for improvement.
Our experiences with Betboro showed that, other than soccer, such mainstream sports as tennis, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, baseball, handball and American football are also in high demand. But even an array of more exotic sports have discovered a home in the betting portfolio of this bookmaker, though we should add, for the most part they only scratch the surface. In total, we discovered around 40 sports. While they do feature a number of sporting events from the world of motorsports, darts, snooker and winter sports, the selection of sub-bets is lacking, putting Betboro only in the average range. Setting aside traditional sports, this bookmaker does offer attractive opportunities with regards to E-sports, while their program also includes politics and social bets. Betboro’s approach to organizing and presenting their betting offer was not completely apparent: On occasion, they mix apples and oranges. A more logical structure would be desirable. Bottom line: We award their betting products a total of 17 out of 20 possible points.

BETTING ODDS – Our experiences attest to Betboro’s acceptable odds

Naturally, in order to thoroughly evaluate this betting provider, we must take a detailed look at their odds. Our Betboro experiences revealed the following picture: This bookmaker does indeed offer appealing odds, though those odds are in the mid-range, unable to quite keep pace with leading bookmakers on the sports-betting market. Especially with respect to the most important football markets and long-term bets, Betboro does not escape unscathed in comparison with its competition. The average payout rate is around 93%, which also places Betboro solidly in the mid-range. As for those top leagues and football matches that are highly popular with sports tipsters, in individual cases the payback percentage may even exceed the 96% mark. The odds offered for tennis, ice hockey and basketball are definitely worthy of mention: On average, customers can reckon with a very respectable payout rate between 91 and 94%. In our experience, there was not a single instance when Betboro dropped below 89%: In other words, with this bookie you never have to give outliers a second thought. To the contrary: If at all, this bookmaker occasionally stands out with higher odds – especially on fringe sports. Our evaluation of Betboro’s odds: 16 out of 20 points.

LIVE BETS – In our test, Betboro confirms its reputation as a live-betting specialist

In our extensive Betboro test report, we determined that this betting provider describes itself on its homepage as an “in-play specialist” – referring, of course, to live bets. For that reason, we were very interested to see whether this bookmaker lives up to its self-proclaimed reputation or not. And indeed, with its remarkable live-betting opportunities, this bookie makes many a similar program offered by other online betting providers look old. In football, sports tipsters are able to place bets on events that are given less attention, or no attention at all by the media: These include amateur leagues (primarily in England), youth leagues and competitions in exotic countries far removed from European football. Sensational: For each match, this betting provider generally offers more than 100 detail bets – and of course, an extensive selection of live bets also plays an important role as well. In fact, the incredible breadth of their live betting opportunities is truly astonishing. In our experience report, we established that, in addition to football, Betboro also offers live betting opportunities on E-sports, table tennis, snooker as well as baseball – all of which are well-known sports, though often neglected in the world of in-play betting. With respect to odds, as with its “traditional” sports-betting program, Betboro finds itself in the mid-range. However, our experience showed that you are more likely to encounter top odds when considering live bets. Nonetheless, here, too, we see a need for some improvement to an otherwise very successful live-betting package.
The design of the live center as well as the match center is likewise very successful: with the bookmaker able to convince us in every regard. The design is clear and modern. The visualizations of match action are very appealing – in addition, the Betboro live center provides sports betting fans with numerous useful statistics to help consider their betting strategies. As an additional feature, this betting provider features a live calendar to ensure you never miss a live event! The loading- and lockout times were very satisfactory in our Betboro test. Every now and then, videos are also available. Our rating: 9 out of 10 points.

BETTING BONUS – The Betboro welcome offer: high bonus – high betting requirement

USER-FRIENDLINESS – Betboro convinces in this test with a modern appearance

Aside from the aforementioned evaluation criteria – so to speak, the main criteria – there are a number of other factors which are important when deciding whether or not to register with any given betting provider. One important point is, beyond a doubt, the user-friendliness and operation of the website and/or mobile version. This is why, in our Betboro experience report we took a very close look at these issues. That said, from the very first glance it was easy to see that the operator of this website is a master of the sports betting métier. In our test, this comparatively very young-though-ambitious bookmaker convinced us with a carefully considered concept. The extremely user-friendly menus embrace a classic format: In the header bar, you will find main categories such as “live”, “sport”, “casino”, “games”, “live casino” etc. What makes the site particularly easy to navigate is the fact that the header is essentially divided into three parts: Here, users have everything presented to them at a glance. At the very top, one click gives you access to the sports-betting calendar/live calendar, an extensive statistics center, the modern match center, various bonus and welcome offers, along with complete information about depositing funds and receiving payouts. All of the sub-pages are presented equally clearly, inviting you to enjoy a lengthy session on the website.
In the lowest of the three header lines, users can select their preferred display mode for the betting program: Customers can choose between “Event View”, “Dashboard” and “Live Multiview”. In our Betboro test, we see this feature as an absolute highlight – and had outstanding experiences with it. Furthermore, this bookmaker provides an overview of all results, with navigation once again very user-friendly. Very simply, you can select the type of sport, competition and date, and before you know it, the site will be spitting out all of the results, statistics and odds you need.
The left-hand column, as usual, is reserved for the individual sports along with betting events and betting markets. Here, yet again, the menu design is very intuitive. In no time at all, you are able to access the sporting events you are interested in as well as detail bets – without ever losing the overview. Even though Betboro opted for a dark design, the pleasant contrasts provide for a great user experience. The process for placing your bets is also flawless, while the design of the betting slip, as with everything else, is perfectly clear. That said, our Betboro experience report establishes that this is a thoroughly successful website.
As we might expect from an online bookie in today’s world, there is also a mobile version of the website as well as a mobile app. Here, too, this young bookie does not disappoint in the slightest. The mobile site is fully thought-through and bets can be made without having to jump through hoops. Account administration, deposits and payouts can all be handled effortlessly while on the road. The user-friendly optics also provide for a pleasant betting experience on your smartphone or tablet! Our rating: 9/10 points.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Our Betboro experiences with Visa & Co.

Let us now dedicate ourselves to the category which looks at your options for depositing funds and receiving your payouts. Our Betboro test showed that this ambitious bookmaker offers a solid selection of payment opportunities. With Betboro, you can deposit funds using Sofort as well as credit card, along with electronic payment services such as Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill, Rapidtransfer, Astropay Card and Entropay. The repertoire of options for making your deposits is completed by paysafecard along with crypto currency Bitcoin. Regardless of the method you choose, the minimum amount for your deposit is five euros. Another top feature: Betboro does not collect any fees for your transfers. As for your payouts, users likewise have several options available to them. For the most part, these options are the same as for your deposits. A positive note: The minimum payout amount is just €10. Using Astropay and Entropay, payouts from as little as €1 are possible. Our test discovered that all payouts of the aforementioned amount and above are free of charge! In addition, all transfers from your betting account are processed within 24 hours. Our only regret: Payment provider PayPal is not available to sports betting fans through this bookmaker. In this category, we award Betboro 8 out of 10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Betboro offer support by email and live chat

Based on our experience, customers at Betboro can count on dedicated and very friendly customer service. As for contact opportunities, in principle you have two paths to choose from: First of all, you can direct your issues, questions or complaints to their email address Furthermore, this young bookmaker offers live chat, staffed by very competent and helpful customer support personnel (also on Sundays and holidays) from 9 AM until 11 PM. The average response time here is 10 minutes. Because of their great live chat, it is quite easy to ignore the fact that Betboro does not feature a hotline. In the online credits, you will find a telephone number, though this is not primarily intended for classic customer service purposes. In addition, this online sports betting provider also features a very clear FAQ area, mainly focused on questions pertaining to opening an account. Our rating of Betboro in this category: 8/10.

PROFESSIONALISM – Betboro passes all of our tests with flying colors

Betboro has been issued a sports-betting license from Curaçao, similar to a number of other providers in the industry. In order to receive this license, businesses must meet high standards, all of which this ambitious bookie has succeeded in doing. Betboro is also committed to complete data privacy. All of the customer- and banking information they collect is handled responsibly and in the strictest confidence, and not shared with third-parties. In addition to this, Betboro uses SSL encryption. Yet another indicator of the professionalism and trustworthiness of this bookmaker: In several places on its website, this bookmaker draws the attention of users to responsible gambling and provides vulnerable customers with links to independent organizations such as GamCare and Gordonhouse. Betboro’s customers do not have to give a second thought to matters of safety and security: 10/10.

BETTING TAXES – Betboro fails to provide precise information

When it comes to betting taxes, you will not find any details in Betboro’s General Terms & Conditions. That said, Betboro does not charge their German customers the usual 5% betting tax. However, we advise customers to take personal responsibility for paying any taxes that might be due in order to avoid any potential problems.

IN SUMMARY – Our experience report reveals an ambitious online bookmaker with a focus on live bets

In our test, Betboro scored 84/100 points – a considerable achievement when one considers that this is a very young sports-betting provider, one that is continually improving its product. Registering with Betboro is worthwhile in many respects: Garnering greater and greater attention in recent years and months, this betting provider convinces with a wide range of colorful betting products, with many exotic sports as well as a wealth of detail bets standing out particularly. Betboro sees itself primarily as a provider of top-notch live betting, with this bookie featuring over 5000 live events in all sports. The extensive complete package consists of a wide selection of leagues, types of bet as well as live bets. Furthermore, this bookmaker convinces with simple and quick payment processing as well as low minimum amounts for deposits and payouts. In addition, they charge no fees for such services. Likewise positive in our Betboro experience report: top-quality and competent customer support. We do see a need for improvement when it comes to odds – furthermore, the betting conditions associated with the welcome bonus could be more moderate. We would not be surprised at all if this ambitious bookmaker would make a few changes in this regard in the very near future. Fans of live betting, in particular, will certainly feel right at home here with Betboro.

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