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What to know about the Betboro Bonus

Below, we explain to you what the Betboro bonus is all about. This young and ambitious betting provider features a classic buy-in bonus for its new customers: a 50% wagering bonus based on your first payment, up to a maximum amount of €100. This means: Within the framework of this high-quality new-customer bonus, bookmaker Betboro will give you half the amount of your initial deposit in the form of a bonus credit! You should be clearly aware of two points: before making your first payment to your newly registered wagering account, you must first request the bonus in your account settings by clicking on the button provided. Furthermore, you will first have to unlock the Betboro bonus by wagering the amount of your first payment 1 time at odds of at least 1.90. In order for you to receive a payout of the bonus money, you will then have to wager 8 times the total sum (your personal buy-in + the bonus), once again at minimum odds of 1.90, and do so within 60 days. If you meet these conditions, the bonus amount will be available to you in real money. We explain all of the other bonus details to you below.

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Explained simply: how does the Betboro bonus work?

The Betboro bonus actually works very simply – after all, this betting provider is offering a classic, tried-and-true buy-in bonus frequently seen in the sports-wagering industry. The offer gives you a 50% wagering bonus up to an amount of €100. In other words: You will receive half the amount of your initial deposit as an additional wagering credit. Please note: The Betboro new-customer bonus must first be unlocked by placing a wager – only then will you be credited your bonus amount. To do so, simply bet the amount of your first payment 1 time on a sports wager at odds of 1.90 or higher. We explain all of the other bonus details and conditions step-by-step below.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

The Betboro offer involves a good wagering bonus in the amount of 50%. Very attractive: This bonus gives you half the amount of your initial deposit as an additional wagering credit on your account. Assuming you transfer €50 to your newly opened account – Betboro will add another €25 on top, giving you a total pot of €75 for your wagering pleasure.

Maximum possible bonus amount

The maximum bonus amount available to you through the Betboro new-customer offer is nothing to be ashamed of: It is €100. In order to earn the maximum credit, since the bonus is 50% you would have to deposit €200 to your account. In total, you would then have €300 available to you for your wagering endeavors. Bear in mind, you will only unlock this bonus after you have made an initial wager (= 1x the amount of your first payment at odds of 1.90 or higher).

How to receive your Betboro bonus

1. Firstly, you must open your free new wagering account at Betboro – simply click on the button we have provided above and you will be redirected straight to this bookie’s website
2. Prior to making your first payment, you must manually request the bonus: Go to your account’s bonus settings and click on “request” – and then on “deposit funds”
3. Go ahead and make your first deposit using your preferred payment method. Please note: If possible, we recommend avoiding making this payment with Skrill or Neteller since this may result in proof-of-identity problems.
4. In order to qualify for the bonus, you must now wager the amount of your initial deposit one time at minimum odds of 1.90
5. For your bonus amount to be converted to real money, you must meet all of the wagering conditions in full within 60 days. We will take a closer look at these conditions in the next section.

Bonus conditions: what aspects of the Betboro bonus should you be aware of?

As is the case with all such offers, the Betboro bonus is subject to certain wagering criteria which must be met before the bookmaker will convert your wagering credit into real money, thus making it possible to receive a payout. The wagering conditions of the Betboro welcome bonus are comparatively demanding. Two steps are required in order to turn your new-customer bonus into real money: Firstly, you must unlock the bonus by wagering an amount equivalent to that of the bonus 1 time at odds of 1.90 or higher. At that point, you must meet the actual bonus conditions as explained to you below.

Minimum buy-in
In contrast to other new-customer offers, the minimum buy-in for the Betboro bonus is a little higher: To take advantage of this deal, you will have to transfer at least €20. If you decide to deposit the minimum amount, the bonus program will then give you a total wagering credit of €30.

Minimum wager
The total sum, which is comprised of your buy-in + bonus amount, must then be bet at least 8 times on qualifying sports wagers before you will be able to request and receive a payout. Should you request a payout before you have met all of the bonus conditions, you will forfeit the bonus amount as well as all winnings which it had generated.

Minimum odds
The minimum odds are 1.90, which are comparable with those of other betting providers. A positive aspect: All types of wager are accepted in meeting the bonus conditions – including individual-, combo- and system wagers. That said, these required odds should not represent a major hurdle for our sports-wagering fans – even you should decide to meet the requirements by making individual wagers on favorites. Traditional 2-line combos generally suffice for meeting and exceeding the minimum odds requirement.

Time restrictions
Betboro gives you plenty of time to meet all of the wagering conditions associated with its bonus offer: You will have 60 days available to you in total.

Wagering restrictions
If you carefully read through the participation conditions for the Betboro bonus, you will not come across any major restrictions with respect to the types of wagers which are permitted. Just bear in mind one important condition: You are not allowed to bet on multiple outcomes of a single sporting event. Such wagers will not qualify towards meeting the bonus conditions. In addition, the bookmaker reserves the right to exclude any customer who does so from further participation in the bonus offer.

Geographical restrictions
New customers who are residents of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are entitled to participate in this bonus offer. On the other hand, customers who live in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Albania, Belarus, Italy, Montenegro as well as all Asian countries (except Japan) are explicitly excluded.

Our evaluation of the Betboro bonus: what were the key factors?

Betboro offers its new customers an interesting bonus, one that is particularly attractive because of the high bonus amount of €100. Bottom line: this welcome bonus could be more well-balanced. After all, in this case the wagering bonus is 50% – an amount that is often exceeded by other bonus offers. Furthermore, the bonus conditions could be more moderate. For many sports wagering fans, it is no easy task to wager the total sum 8 times – especially if you decide you wish to receive the maximum possible bonus. In that case, you would have to wager € 2400 + € 100 in order to receive a payout. On the other hand, the time period available to you of 60 days is very generous. Overall, we see the Betboro bonus as very acceptable. However, we would not be particularly surprised if this betting provider would fine-tune this offer in the near future and make the wagering conditions slightly more customer-friendly.

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