Bet365 sportsbook offers - our rating! T&Cs apply! 18+

Bet365 best bookmaker

T&Cs apply! 18+

bet365 is one of the best bookmakers in the UK. We from Bettingformat had a closer look at the offers and services of bet365. Our test showed that bet365 has one of the best betting offers on the market. For us bet365 is the clear Nr. 1 in the UK. T&Cs apply! 18+

Advantages of bet365 - Bettingformat rating

For us bet365 is the number one choice for sports betting. bet365 has an outstanding offer in general. Not only one or two things are good it´s the whole package that makes bet365 in our opinion better than the rest. First of all the betting offer is amazing. A big number of different sports as well as a high number of different bets for one specific match. More then most of the other bookmakers on the market. Followed by one of the best in-play offers. We were able to bet on a lot of matches and leagues around the globe. Not only the big ones that everyone offers but also on very small leagues and sports. But that wasn´t all because beside of the best we were also able to see the events live with the bet365 livestreams. As we said not only for the major league but also for the small and more exotic leagues. This is really good thing that makes bet365 for us better than the rest. We also took the time and asked the customer service to answer us some questions about the betting offers and how to place bets. Also more complicated questions were answered in a very professional way within a short period of time. Most requests were answered within 10 to 15 minutes. Only one questioned needed to be forwarded to another service of bet365 but we got feedback on the same day which is also outstanding for complicated problems.

  • really good odds
  • professional customer service
  • wide range of betting offers
  • a lot of live streams
  • many detail bets
  • one of the best in-play betting offers
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