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BET3000 REVIEW - Our Test and Experiences

In our Bet3000 test and experience report, we examine a bookmaker that is one of the relative newcomers in the industry. For less than 10 years, Bet3000 has been catering to the interests of its customers. Just how well they have managed to do so, is presented to you in the following Bet3000 review. This bookmaker has its roots in Germany, though it has since earned a license in Malta, a qualification it shares with many other betting providers also profiled in our comparison of online bookies. As usual, we rate the most essential categories including betting products, odds as well as live bets, along with areas such as customer service, the Bet3000 bonus offer and their web presence. We should also point out that this bookmaker is not only represented online, but also through numerous local betting shops in various cities, an added advantage that might well appeal to you.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. Betting products
  2. Betting odds
  3. Live bets
  4. Betting bonus
  5. User-friendliness
  6. Payment options
  7. Customer service
  8. Professionalism
  9. In summary
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BETTING PRODUCTS - Our Bet3000 test sees room for improvement

In one of the most important categories of our Bet3000 report, we don’t only have good news to report. Fundamentally, this bookmaker offers a substantial repertoire of bets. And as is the case with many other colleagues in the industry, football plays a dominant role. In our trial period, however, we only found just under 1,000 events within this sport, a number that cannot compete with the very best. If a clear and concise palette is important to you, our experiences with Bet3000 suggest that they will be ideal for you. However, if you are looking for greater depth, we can only recommend their website within limits. Also, our test showed a clear focus on the German market. In addition to all matches within the German Bundesliga, Bet3000 also features a series of interesting and potentially lucrative long-term bets including relegation, top-4 etc. Our Bet3000 test report also discovered that you can place individual bets even on matches in the youth Bundesliga, also the case for women’s football. Also when it comes to countries such as France, England, Italy and Spain, the Bet3000 betting program encompasses all three of the highest leagues. As for the more exotic countries – taking Colombia as an example – only the highest division is represented, clear evidence of potential for improvement. The same applies to other types of sport. In addition to football, you will only find 18 other disciplines including tennis, basketball, handball and ice hockey. In comparison with their competition, some of whom offer 30 or more, we note that Bet3000 still lags quite a way back. When we take a look at the available betting markets, it once again becomes apparent that Bet3000 is offering a portal likely to appeal, above all, to newcomers to the world of sports betting. Here, again, the most common options are available, though, while its competition offers over 150 markets for matches in the German Bundesliga, when it comes to Bet3000, that number drops to just below 30; while we should also bear in mind, that this particular competition is very much a flagship for the betting products offered by this bookmaker. We also wish to point out the thoroughly wide range of opportunities for bets on motorsports, with many different options available, especially on the various race weekends. That notwithstanding, in this category of our Bet3000 test we award 16/20 points.

BETTING ODDS – Convincing test results for young bookmaker Bet3000

Here, too, are Bet3000 experience report shows that this bookmaker is focused squarely on football. Especially when we consider that this is a young business in this industry, the odds they offer are certainly nothing to sneeze at. If we take a look at Germany’s top division, for example, each individual match examined as part of our Bet3000 test had a payout rate of significantly above 96%. In comparison, over the same time period we also took a look at duels in the English Premier League, where we likewise encountered rates over 98% from time to time. Numbers like that even eclipse the established competition, with such payout rates rarely found on the market. With respect to betting odds, we only have one small question mark. For various events in tennis, the payout rate was barely over 92%. Still an acceptable number. Though very much at the lower end of what customers should expect from a bookmaker. As part of our Bet3000 test report in this category, we also wish to mention some of the reviews written by tipsters that we encountered. They, too, stressed the fact that the odds offered at Bet3000 – especially when viewed against the backdrop of this being a young betting provider – are more than just competitive. That said, Bet3000’s slogan “Online sports betting at top odds” receives our full endorsement, hence we award a maximum 20 points in this category.

LIVE BETS – Special features compensate for a somewhat limited offer

In our Bet3000 test report, we note that the live betting opportunities correspond largely to what we experienced in the first category. Here, the German bookmaker is certainly making progress, yet doesn’t quite manage to keep up with the biggest fish in the pond. Yet again, the focus is on football, though in recent months and years, they have also picked up some steam by offering live betting on tennis and ice hockey as well. One special feature should certainly not go unmentioned in our Bet3000 experience report. For individual events, Bet3000 even offers live streams, a feature that even sets this online bookie apart from many of its competitors. Furthermore, as we look at live betting through Bet3000, we note that users are not required to pay the betting tax collected by many other providers. However, at the time of our Bet3000 test, we were only able to discover 15 events in their live center. Also when it comes to betting markets, this bookie must bow to one or other of its competitors. The games that are offered include those which we mentioned earlier, football, tennis and ice hockey. With respect to navigability, within the scope of our Bet3000 test we pinpointed barely any need for improvement. The header bar features a separate category “live bets”, while for individual games, you can select between standard- or individual view. In addition, another positive note in our Bet3000 report was the fact that events that were about to start were displayed directly below the live bets. And yet another special highlight: Individual competitions, teams etc. can be added to the customers favorites list, with one click on the button provided in the upper right-hand part of the website providing you with information on live betting opportunities involving your personal favorites. As a consequence, in this category we award a very strong 9/10 points.

BETTING BONUS – Bet3000 offers a slightly adapted classic

USER-FRIENDLINESS – Our Bet3000 test reveals a clear improvement

Based upon our own experience, up to just a few years ago Bet3000’s web presence was not particularly easy to navigate or attractive. Since then, however, they have installed a completely new design that is far more pleasant for users. In our Bet3000 test, we found a home page with a significantly friendlier appearance. The choice of color scheme and contrasts resulted in positive experiences. The structure of the site likewise left little to be desired. In the header, the masks for registering a new user account were quick and easy to find. On the left-hand side, Bet3000 provides a search function, next to which the pages for live bets and sports bets are just one click away. In contrast to other bookmakers, our experience with Bet3000 showed that users can switch quickly and easily to different language versions. Here, however, our test report does reveal a slight shortcoming, with the names of German clubs in the German version often listed in English. As previously mentioned, in the live center users can choose between two different views (individual or standard). Our Bet3000 experience also showed that individual sports in the live betting section can be opened by simply clicking on the corresponding symbol. Sports can also be organized according to your own favorite competitions, while corresponding live streams are found simply by clicking on the appropriate symbol on the right-hand side of the page. We also had very positive experiences with the mobile view as well as the Bet3000 app. Via smartphone, a drop-down menu at the top left allows you to select categories “sports”, “live”, “highlights”, along with language, live streams and bonus offers. In most cases, all of these load quickly, which sets Bet3000 positively apart from a number of its competitors. In addition to highlights and live bets, the mobile version also features games with the best odds, which can be selected with a single click. The Bet3000 app and see it another special feature, allowing you to search and navigate by voice. Quick links and swiping opportunities likewise add to the pleasantness of the smartphone experience and our positive experiences with Bet3000 in general. Our minor reservations include the fact that the mobile version occasionally seems a little overcrowded, while the registration button is hard to see. Nonetheless, in this section of our Bet3000 test report we give 9/10 points.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Only minor shortcomings in our Bet3000 test

First things first – in our Bet3000 test report, we noted that there are no fees associated with deposits to this bookmaker other than if you choose to use a credit card. That said, there are plenty of no-cost alternatives. When it comes to payment options, this German provider clearly focuses on the classics. You will basically find all options, from simple transfers using Sofort, to the most common credit cards including Visa and MasterCard along with E-wallets like Skrill. However, we did not locate the option to make deposits using Neteller within the scope of our Bet3000 test report, which represents only a minor shortcoming. You can also resort to a classic bank transfer, however, based on our experience, the transaction might take anywhere from 2 to 3 working days. As a consequence, since our Bet3000 test established that live bets also qualify towards meeting the bonus conditions, we would not recommend choosing this option. On a positive note, Bet3000 lists all of the payment options clearly on a separate page. However, this page suggests that credit card transfers are – in contrast to what their terms & conditions say – free of charge. Regardless of the payment option you choose, the minimum amount for deposits is €10. The payout of winnings is likewise generally quick, easy and, above all, free. Taking all of this into account, in this category of our Bet3000 experience report we award 9/10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Mixed experiences at Bet3000

As we take a look at customer service, let us first mention the positive aspects of our experiences with Bet3000. The terms and conditions are not only comprehensive, they are also downloadable in a separate PDF document and kept current, with the latest version dated December 2017. Similarly, a separate document containing the betting and sports rules as well as data privacy guidelines can also be downloaded. In our experience, email support also was quick, flawless and competent, with responses received in less than 30 minutes. However, we noted that neither a hotline nor live chat were available at the time for sharing our experiences with Bet3000 employees. While the homepage does suggest there is indeed a live chat function, at the time it was “not available”. This bookmaker can be contacted by email to The FAQ center is nothing to be ashamed of, with information presented clearly and understandably. If you prefer to use social media for your questions and problems, you can also share your Bet3000 experiences on Facebook, with this German bookmaker featuring its own fan page that said, this category of our test report we felt compelled to deduct a couple of points, awarding 8/10.

PROFESSIONALISM – Practically no reason to deduct points in our Bet3000 test

As mentioned, Bet3000 was established in 2009. Standing behind this online bookie is IBA Entertainment Limited, a company headquartered in Malta, something not out of the ordinary in the betting industry. We also discovered that 2 big names are also closely involved with Bet3000, namely CEOs Simon Springer and Robert Bsalla. The former is one of the absolute pioneers in the betting industry, active in this field since the 1970s. Further testimony to this company is successful brand of professionalism. On this bookmaker’s website, we also found an extensive credits page, yet another indication of their seriousness and transparency. Furthermore, complete relevant data for the Malta Gaming Authority – the competent licensing authority – is provided, not always the case with many competitors in this industry. As a consequence, in this category of our Bet3000 experience report we award without hesitation 10/10 points.


The subject of betting taxes is also an important element of our Bet3000 test report. Not least because this German bookmaker has a very novel approach. Though we would not assert that betting taxes are not an issue with Bet3000, there are certainly ways to avoid the. Fundamentally, Bet3000 lists the betting taxes that will be collected – under normal circumstances, 5% of your gross winnings – right there on the betting slip, allowing the customer to react accordingly and adapt their bets. You are certainly on the safe side at Bet3000 if you bet on combo bets consisting of 4 or more lines, or on live bets. In which case, you do not have to pay a betting tax at all. On individual bets as well as combo bets with fewer than 4 lines, you should assume you will have to pay 5% on your winnings.

IN SUMMARY – Bet3000 delivers consistently very good test results

Bet3000 was able to convince in virtually every aspect of our test and experience report. Above all, it is quite apparent that this German bookmaker places an emphasis on security and professionalism. When it came to odds, they were likewise convincing, while our experiences with user-friendliness were also positive. We noted a slight need for improvement in betting products, though we recognize that Bet3000 has learned from its experiences in the first few years and is continually striving to develop. A factor we feel is important to stress in view of the fact that this business is still quite young. We also point out that this Malta-licensed company also caters to the needs of its customers outside of the Internet with real-world betting shops. All in all, in our test report Bet3000 was more than convincing. A performance we give due merit to by awarding a very strong total of 89 points.

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