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What do you need to know about this offer?

The Bet3000 bonus offer is an exciting option for fans of sports wagering. More precisely, this buy-in bonus is a classic which has undergone the occasional adaptation. Fundamentally, the Bet3000 bonus gives you the opportunity to double your first deposit. In actual figures, this is a 100% bonus up to a maximum amount of €150. Please note: This offer is not exclusively directed at new customers, since it is also retroactive to people who made a first deposit to their wagering account on or after January 10, 2017. In that sense, we cannot speak of it as a classic welcome bonus, though below we always make reference to your “first payment”. If you wish to take advantage of the full bonus amount, after your first payment you will have as much as €300 available to you for your wagering enjoyment on Bet3000. If it sounds promising, it is. Nonetheless, in selecting the bonus offer you prefer you should always bear in mind all of the conditions which have to be met. This is why we provide you with a detailed analysis of those conditions below. To get started, we will present you with an overview of the “hard facts” of the Bet3000 bonus offer.

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bet3000 Bonus
Bet3000 Bonus up to €150! Double your first deposit Sign up now!

How to receive your Bet3000 bonus

Your path to receiving the Bet3000 bonus is quick and simple:

  • 1. Register with the bookmaker by clicking on the button provided above
  • 2. Transfer the first payment to your user account
  • 3. Immediately after this first transaction, you will be credited the bonus amount
  • ATTENTION: this offer is only available in Austria and Germany

Explained simply: how does the Bet3000 bonus work?

As previously mentioned, the Bet3000 bonus represents a commonly seen and accepted bonus offer in the wagering industry. The same amount as your first payment will also be credited to your account. That is to say, you will de facto double the amount of the first transaction you have chosen to make on Bet3000. At that point, you have 45 days in which to wager the amount of your own first payment one time, as well as the amount of the Bet3000 bonus five additional times. But IMPORTANT: In order to meet the bonus conditions, you must place wagers at Bet3000 that are quoted total odds of at least 2.00. Below, we provide you with comprehensive details of all the conditions that must be met within the framework of the Bet3000 bonus offer. Amongst other things, we will discuss the wagering requirements as well as other factors including the individual steps during registration.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

The Bet3000 sports-wagering bonus equates to 100%. For example, if you decide to make a first payment in the amount of €20, the bookmaker will credit you with an additional €20, meaning that you have a total amount (buy-in plus bonus amount) of €40 available to you to use for your wagers.

Bonus conditions: what aspects of the Bet3000 bonus should you be aware?

Of course, the Bet3000 bonus requires you to meet a number of conditions which we will again detail to you below. These include the minimum amount of your first payment, wagering requirements, potential minimum odds as well as other restrictions with regards to time, country and payment methods.

Minimum buy-in
Here, the Bet3000 differs significantly from most other bonus offers on the market, because: No minimum initial payment is explicitly required by this bookmaker in order to qualify for their wagering bonus. That said, this statement is subject to certain restrictions. Why? Because Bet3000 does require a €10 minimum on all transactions – regardless of the payment method. However, this does not apply to the Bet3000 bonus offer exclusively, but to all other payments as well.

Minimum wager
Whatever the amount of your first deposit, the Bet3000 bonus requires you to wager this amount one-time. With respect to the bonus amount you receive, this must be wagered a total of five times. Which in turn means: If you decide to make a first payment of €10, you would have to wager a total of €60 in order to enjoy the benefits of this sports-wagering bonus. This total sum consists of 1x your personal deposit, in other words € 10 + 5x the bonus amount, in this case 5 x 10 = € 50.

Minimum odds
The Bet3000 bonus requires minimum odds of 2.00. These odds apply both to the one-time wager of your first deposit as well as to the five-time wager of the bonus amount. In meeting the conditions of the Bet3000 bonus, you may consider all types of wager and market, including sports wagers and live bets.

Time restrictions
After you have made your first deposit to your Bet3000 user account, you have a total of 45 days, in other words roughly a month and a half, in order to fill up your betting slip with wagers and take full advantage of the Bet3000 bonus.

Payment restrictions
With respect to the Bet3000 buy-in bonus, our research turned up no restrictions in the payment options available to you, meaning that you can use E-Wallets, credit cards as well as Sofort transfers.

Geographical restrictions
Customers from the German-speaking world will be pleased to hear that residents of Germany and Austria qualify for the Bet3000 bonus offer, whereas all other countries are excluded.

Our evaluation of the Bet3000 bonus

As is the case with many other sports-wagering bonus programs, there are various positive as well as negative arguments with respect to the Bet3000 offer. On the positive side, we note that there is no required minimum buy-in, while we find the 45-day wagering timeframe for the Bet3000 bonus very generous in comparison to many comparable offers. Furthermore, as we have mentioned, this is not a classic new-customer bonus since it is also available to customers who made a first payment on or after January 10, 2017, with this first payment providing the basis for the Bet3000 bonus itself. This means that the bookmaker has also chosen to reward loyal customers, which we see as a positive attribute. The fact that Bet3000 also accepts live wagers within the framework of its bonus offer, we also view as positive. There are minor deductions, however, for the rather high minimum odds of 2.00, though the Bet3000 bonus conditions do not make it entirely clear whether this applies to the total odds for the betting slip as a whole or to each of the separate events. Nonetheless: All in all, the positives far outweigh the negatives of this Bet3000 bonus offer.

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