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Since their beginnings in 1999, bet-at-home has enjoyed meteoric success. At the time of this writing, bet-at-home now boasts over 5 million registered users. In the last 20 years, they’ve established themselves as one of the true market forces in the European sports-betting business. As a gesture of goodwill, bet-at-home (in conjunction with Bettingformat) is offering a £ 10 betting voucher to all new customers. In this article we will explain in detail how you can obtain the voucher, the terms and conditions, geographic restrictions, minimum gambling odds and more. We feel that bet-at-home’s offer is a remarkable demonstration of openness, particularly since they have already proven themselves to be among the elites of online gambling in Europe.

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Follow this link to join bet-at-home:



Redeem your £ 10 voucher at bet-at-home and have fun!

Follow these easy steps and you’re on your way to bet-at-home’s £ 10 voucher:

  • 1. Click the green button in STEP 1 to jump to bet-at-home’s registration page.
  • 2. Once there, register as a new player.
  • 3. Fill out and submit the formula in STEP 2. We’ll send you a bonus code as soon as possible.
  • 4. Redeem our bonus code at bet-at-home and have fun converting the voucher into real money!

How do I register for the bet-at-home voucher?

After following our link to bet-at-home and completing their registration process, come back to Bettingformat and provide the information required in STEP 2. Within a few days, we will send an email with the voucher code to the address you provided. Once you have our code, go back to bet-at-home and under in your account settings, find the option ‘Redeem Voucher.’ Simply enter the code we sent you, meet the conditions of the voucher and convert the voucher into real money. It’s important to remember that this £ 10 voucher is available ONLY to newly-enrolled customers at bet-at-home.

Enter the voucher code Bettingformat sent you in the 'Redeem Voucher' field

What are the terms and conditions of the betting voucher?

In our opinion, the terms and conditions set by bet-at-home with regards to the £ 10 betting voucher are realistic and show goodwill. You will need to play the £ 10 voucher funds 3 times at odds of only 1.50. Your bet is not tied to a league or an event. You can even give the E-sports sector a whirl. As per bet-at-home’s terms, the casino and the live casino are NOT available. You can play single and combination bets, but systems bets are not allowed. You’ll have 6 months to unlock your prize, so time is on your side. Winnings are capped at £ 20,000, which is remarkably generous, all things considered.

What is the value of the bet-at-home betting voucher?

As a new customer, you can unlock £ 10 in betting vouchers from bet-at-home. The rules governing this voucher are very friendly and achievable.

How long is the bet-at-home voucher valid?

The bet-at-home betting voucher is valid for 6 months. If you have not met the terms and conditions within that time period, the £ 10 will be forfeited.

How many times do I have to play my voucher?

You’ll have to roll your bet-at-home voucher three (3) times in order to unlock it. We find this to be a very reasonable requirement.

What are the minimum odds required when playing my bet-at-home voucher?

The minimum odds for a qualifying bet are 1.50. If you place a bet below 1.50, bet-at-home will not consider the wager as applicable towards unlocking the funds.

Get in on the action today!

How long do I have to meet the terms and conditions of the bet-at-home voucher?

You’ll have six (6) months in which to fulfill the terms of the voucher. With half a year to get through three bets, you should be able to find a few that smile at you.

What other conditions should I keep in mind?

Just to avoid any nasty surprises, we’ll repeat ourselves again- only new customers whose residence is in Austria, Germany or Switzerland are eligible for this promotion. Don’t despair if you live outside of those countries – bet-at-home has welcome offers for players from all over the world. We constantly update our bookmaker information here at Bettingformat, so check back with us regularly. It’s also important to remember that this offer is valid only for new customers. If you already have a betting account with bet-at-home, you cannot receive the £ 10 betting voucher.

Detailed example of valid bets

The Table below shows that while you placed bets totaling £ 27, only bets 2, 3 and 4 meet bet-at-home’s conditions. Since those three bets total £ 24 and meet the required minimum odds, the money is now yours to collect!

Bet # Bet Amount € Odds Conditions met?
1 3 1.40 NO
2 10 2.00 YES
3 5 1.90 YES
4 9 1.70 YES


In our opinion, it absolutely makes sense to take advantage of this betting voucher. We’ve been impressed by bet-at-home for a long time now, and this £ 10 freebie for new customers can be a lot of fun and, if you’re lucky, very profitable (maximum £ 20,000). As always, GOOD LUCK!

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