World Cup 2018 - BELGIUM I Betting Tips, Odds* and Prognosis

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Belgium goes into the 2018 World Cup as one of those persistent dark-horse favorites. Actually, the “Red Devils” have been reckoned amongst the extended field of favorites since the 2012 European Championships. Likewise, at the 2018 World Cup, Belgium is on the radar of many experts, with great things expected from the team. In the past, they have been only partially able to live up to similarly high expectations. 4 years ago, they managed to punch their ticket for a place in the quarterfinals at the World Cup – though their performance remained far below what many had hoped for. For the 2018 World Cup, the Belgians expect far more. And when you look at the Belgian squad, even the big prize does not seem out of reach. However, their transformation into a first-class tournament team still doesn’t appear to be quite complete. Currently, the “Red Devils” are favored to win Group G ahead of England. The duels against Tunisia and World Cup newcomer Panama seem to be a mere formality. Below, we wish to provide you with all relevant betting tips, odds and predictions pertaining to Belgium’s performance at the upcoming World Cup. In addition, we will analyze the squad, take a look at their qualifying campaign for the 2018 World Cup as well as their history in previous World Cups.

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World Cup Betting Providers

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Here you can find the most outstanding bonus offers, special bets, odds and promotions provided by the best bookmakers.

World Cup Teams and Groups

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Find out more about the World Cup 2018 participants, for which we have prepared special betting tips. Also included: Group tables A-H.

World Cup 2018 Betting Tips

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In this section we present detailed previews, exciting betting tips and of course the best odds for every match at the World Cup 2018.

What betting tips do we have with respect to Belgium?

We can recommend a number of interesting World Cup betting tips involving Belgium. Let us first take a look at Group E: Betting providers see Belgium as more likely to win their group than England – the odds currently being given for this to happen lie between 1.80 and 1.95. At Tipico, it is possible to lay two very interesting team-specific wagers on Belgium. These involve answering the question: “Will Belgium win all of its group matches?” The odds for the answer being “yes” are 4.00, while a “no” is garnering odds of 1.20. Furthermore, Tipico is asking about the exact number of goals the Belgians will score in the group phase. If the “Red Devils” manage to score more than 6.5 goals in their first 3 matches, you will more than double your investment with odds quoted at 2.20. The odds for them not reaching this total are 1.60.

We find one particular World Cup bet on Belgium, placeable at Interwetten, very interesting: if Belgium is able to earn more than 6.5 points in the group phase at the 2018 World Cup, you would certainly fair well if you place a corresponding wager at odds of 1.85. We definitely see Belgium winning its first 2 matches against Tunisia and Panama, and then at least achieving a draw against England, meaning 7 points are assured. For 3 Belgian victories during the group stage, Interwetten is offering considerable odds of 5.20. With respect to the matches against Panama and Tunisia, we would suggest a handicap bet. For a prediction of the result against England, you should probably first wait to see how things go at the start of the tournament – it would be presumptuous on our part to suggest a betting tip before the tournament gets underway.

What are the more appealing World Cup betting tips after the group phase? If Belgium should actually find themselves in the position to hoist the World Cup trophy over their heads in 2018, most betting providers are promising a 13- to 14-fold return on your original wager. At most bookmakers, the “Red Devils” rank sixth in this year’s run for the World Cup title, putting them in the expanded group of favorites. As we consider how the Belgians will ultimately perform in the 2018 World Cup, we assume that, just as they did 4 years ago, they will again make it to the quarterfinals. With respect to the team led by Roberto Martinez then being eliminated in this phase of the tournament, bookie 888sport is offering very good odds of 3.75. The odds for them losing in the semifinals are being quoted between 6.00 and 7.00. We think it is unrealistic to assume they are capable of more at the 2018 World Cup. This is why we recommend two separate wagers, one on them being eliminated in the quarterfinals and the other on them losing in the semifinals. If the Belgians should indeed be eliminated in one of those rounds, the return on your two wagers of € 10 respectively would be € 17.50. However, a number of betting providers see things more pessimistically than do we: for a wager on Belgium being eliminated in the round-of-16, the odds are currently around 3.50.

Finally, we would like to take a closer look at player-specific wagers. A wager on Romelu Lukaku being the tournament’s lead goal scorer fetches odds between 17.00 and 21.00. For Dries Mertens, who is currently in top form for Napoli, major odds of as much as 51.00 are being offered. If Kevin De Bruyne turns out to be the king of assists at the 2018 World Cup, your wager will be rewarded 16-fold at 888sport. Also interesting: a head-to-head bet through the same bookie, with Neymar and De Bruyne competing against each other for the most assists. The odds in favor of the Brazilian are 1.55, and for the Belgian 2.30.

Our Top 3 Betting Tips for Belgium

  • To gain over 6.5 points in the group stage
  • To win Group G
  • Betting strategy: 2 single bets on
    - to be eliminated in the quarterfinals
    - to be eliminated in the semifinals

Which stars are currently on the Belgian 2018 World Cup squad?

The Belgian roster for the 2018 World Cup is peppered with stars. With so much high-quality talent on the team, the Belgians will find it easy to adjust their tactics with flexibility. In general, the coach prefers an attack-oriented 4-2-3-1 formation. Over the course of 2018 World Cup qualifying, either in response to how the match was going or in an attempt to adjust to their respective opponents, the Belgians occasionally switched to a 4-3-3 or 3-4-2-1 system. However, it was rare for the Belgians to play with a dual threat 3-5-2. The reason they opted to play with a 3-man backfield with wingbacks mainly has to do with the fact that their only weakness – if you try to pinpoint one – is at the position of left back. If the Belgians take the field with a 4-man backfield, Jordan Lukaku of Lazio Rome is the number 1 at this position. Some detractors might well assert that it is actually trainer Roberto Martinez, who took over the job in August 2016, who is the real weak point of the Belgian team. He is certainly expected to prove himself at the 2018 World Cup.

At this point, we would like to cast a spotlight on a few of the team’s stars: With Thibout Courtois (Chelsea), Belgium is excellently prepared for the 2018 World Cup in goal, while their central defense is also worthy of recognition: featuring a pair of outstanding players in the form of Spurs duo Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld. However, the latter of the two still has to play his way back into form after a severe injury. Center midfield is also star-studded, including Moussa Dembele (Tottenham), Axel Witsel (Tianjin), youngster Youri Tielemans (AS Monaco) and Leander Dendoncker (RSC Anderlecht). The quality of the Belgian offensive midfield is likewise outstanding: thanks to Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) and Eden Hazard (Chelsea), the “Red Devils” have an enviable duo to draw upon. On the wings and at center forward, Dries Mertens (Napoli) and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco (Atletico Madrid), whose form is a little weaker than in the past, can be counted on to stir up some trouble. Up front, of course, we find Romelu Lukaku of Man Utd.

How did the Belgians perform during qualifying for the 2018 World Cup?

The Belgians were dominant during their qualifying campaign for the World Cup finals in Russia. The Martinez-eleven actually managed to qualify with 3 matches still to play, the first European team to do so on the pitch. Belgium’s record during qualifying was second only to Germany’s. Their bottom line was nine wins and one draw. Only once did they have to share points, and that was with the Greeks, the team which ultimately took second place in the group. Bosnia-Herzegovina remained far below expectations and did not represent any kind of threat for the Belgians on their way to the 2018 World Cup.

Their goal differential was also impressive at 43:6. The high number of goals they scored is due, on the one hand, to the quality of the Belgians themselves, of course, but also to a couple of much weaker group opponents in Gibraltar, against whom they scored 15 goals, and Estonia, whom they basically shot out of the stadium 8:1 in the fourth round of matches. The top scorer for the Belgian team was Romelu Lukaku, who contributed 11 goals. In fact, he averaged one goal every 57 minutes. The second-best goal scorer was Eden Hazard with a tally of 6.

What does Belgium’s World Cup history predict about how they will perform in 2018?

Belgium has participated in 12 World Cup finals. The “Red Devils” made their debut in Uruguay in 1930. Their best result in the World Cup to date was a fourth-place finish, which they were able to celebrate in Mexico in 1986. Between 1982 and 2002, the Belgians took part in all World Cup finals. After a drought in the first decade of the 21st century, things have clearly taken a turn for the better since 2011 – piece by piece, they are harvesting the fruits of their outstanding youth development program. At the 2014 World Cup, the Belgians were eliminated in the quarterfinals by Argentina, after having won over the USA one round earlier, though only in extra time. In the group phase, they managed three wins – an outstanding success, the first time the Belgians had managed this in their history. 2014 represented their second-best showing at the World Cup finals. This is expected to change at the 2018 World Cup – the hopes for an even greater success than four years ago are widespread throughout the country. According to our prediction, however, the Belgians’ 2018 World Cup run will come to an end in the quarterfinals.

*All odds: status 13.02.2018

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