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b-BETS REVIEW - Our test and experience

Our b-Bets test and experience report evaluates a bookmaker that is probably only known to a few active users on the German and German-speaking betting market. In our opinion, this company has earned its spurs up to this point more as an online casino operator. Just one more reason for us now to take a closer look at their sports betting products. Detailed background information about b-Bets isn’t easy to find. Our b-Bets test showed – as is the case with many of its competitors – that this bookmaker holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. In addition, they have successfully applied for a license from the Curaçao E-Gaming Authority. However, we were unable to establish specific information about the corporate headquarters or the people in leadership positions. A factor we will go into greater detail about in our section on “Professionalism” in our b-Bets and experience report. Before we get to that point, however, a number of other categories will be the focus of our evaluation, including the betting products they offer, available payment options as well as the live betting repertoire we encountered in the course of our b-Bets test.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. Betting products
  2. Betting odds
  3. Live bets
  4. Betting bonus
  5. User-friendliness
  6. Payment options
  7. Customer service
  8. Professionalism
  9. In summary

BETTING PRODUCTS – Our test results indicate an effort to add greater depth

Our earlier b-Bets tests indicated that this Malta-licensed bookmaker was not able to keep pace with the big names in the industry when it came to betting products. Instead, they concentrated on their core business and, for a long time, offered barely more than 15 different sports. Here, however, we note a clear development which our b-Bets test sees positively, of course. Whereas formally the b-Bets repertoire only consisted of about 15 different sports, this has since expanded to around 20 – continuing to trend upwards. Aside from classic sports like football, tennis and ice hockey, tipsters also have more exotic choices available including field hockey, cycling and even water polo. The number of events offered, above all when it came to powerhouse sport, football, was certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Offering virtually 53,000 different matches, they clearly eclipsed other bookmakers, though cannot quite keep pace with the best of the best, reflected in the occasional points deduction in our evaluation. That said, it is also quite clear that b-Bets has made up some ground in other sports. We were positively surprised by the almost 1400 games in basketball we unearthed in the course of our test, while we also had a similar experience in ice hockey, in which case we found almost 3200 games to be every bit as appealing. Naturally, we also took a closer look at the depth of their betting opportunities. Here, we begin with the number of leagues available for betting purposes through b-Bets. Here – if we take football as our point of reference once more – b-Bets again has nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, in countries such as Germany and England, you can place bets all the way down to the 4th tier of competition, in Spain this applies to the first three levels of competition, while in Italy your betting opportunities “only” drop down as far as Serie B. In fact, the top two leagues in a majority of European countries are represented through b-Bets, meaning we made barely any points deductions at all in this area of our b-Bets test report. When it came to betting markets, this was not necessarily the case. Here, it was clear to see that this young bookmaker still lags behind the industry greats. For example, our b-Bets experience report indicated that for a single event in the German Bundesliga just under 100 markets were offered, whereas that number was over 150 when we looked at a number of competitors. The difference became even more glaring in other leagues such as the English Premier League. As a consequence, when it comes to b-Bets betting products, we find ourselves having to dock a point or two in our evaluation, thus awarding only 17 out of 20 points possible.

BETTING ODDS – Good test results in football, significant deductions in other sports

In order to share our experiences with b-Bets with respect to odds, we once again chose to focus on the payout percentage for specific match days, in other words, the percentage that will actually be paid into your account if you win. To do so, we took a closer look at the numbers from the current round of matches in the German Bundesliga at the time of our b-Bets test report. Here, this bookie was offering rates between 92 and just under 94%. If we bear in mind that, as a rule of thumb, the latter of those numbers (94%) is considered to be a very good payout rate, we are compelled to make slight deductions in this category based on our b-Bets experiences. However, it was evident that the payout percentage increased in parallel to the attractiveness of the sporting event. For a top match in the Premier League, for example, the payout percentage through b-Bets was over 94%. However, for other fixtures in the same round and in the same league, we noted lower numbers. In our b-Bets test we also scrutinized odds being offered on other sports to determine whether there was a focus on other disciplines, and to decide whether to recommend, or advise against betting on the sports. In basketball, the payout rates were barely over 90%, a percentage which, as a customer, you can in no way be happy with, thus resulting in points deductions within the framework of our b-bets test report. The fact that the focus is clearly on football was also reflected in our results for tennis. Here, only individual matches positively impressed, though for the most part the payout rates in this sport, too, at just over 90%, are unlikely to appeal to customers. Due to their concentration on a single discipline, we were compelled to deduct a point or two in our b-Bets experience report. As a consequence, in our category on betting odds, we award 15/20 points.

LIVE BETS – Test results indicate need for improvement

Our b-Bets test report indicated that their live betting opportunities are quite convincing. At the time of our evaluation, we discovered that just over 40 events were being offered in their live center. However, a certain lack of clarity here forced us to deduct a point or two from the maximum possible. The reason: The b-Bets live center does not divide events up into different sports, nor does it provide for a live calendar, something often available through other bookmakers. However, this is not the case when it comes to the live betting sub-menu for upcoming live matches, in which instance they are indeed divided according to sports disciplines. Unfortunately, we were clearly compelled to deduct points due to our experiences with betting markets for live bets. During our evaluation period, for many of the matches that were featured barely over 10 betting markets were available, meaning that the repertoire of possible bets was less than extensive. Naturally, this number will rise on intensive weekends with many events scheduled, yet b-Bets comes nowhere close to the ratings earned in this category by the best bookmakers. In the latter case, their live betting markets occasionally lie around 50, and in individual cases even in the low three-figure range. It was interesting to note that the number of markets being offered at b-Bets barely differed from sport to sport. No matter whether football, tennis or basketball, the number hovered around the previously mentioned 10 markets, which our b-Bets test indicates a clear need for improvement. For this reason, in this category we award just 6 out of 10 points.

BETTING BONUS – Our b-Bets test notes an innovative approach

USER-FRIENDLINESS – b-Bets test shows a focus on the casino

When it came to user-friendliness, we had mixed experiences in our b-Bets test. As we mentioned initially, this bookie’s focus is clearly on their casino offer. Their section for sports betting can be reached by clicking on a link located on the top right of their homepage. Available sports are clearly and simply listed on the left-hand side, also split up into sub-menus. A positive: Under each of the sports, you are easily able to find the most popular competitions. However, with respect to color and contrast, our b-Bets test report notes potential for improvement. The headers are presented in white on a turquoise background, while the individual sports, countries and leagues are kept in the same color. Not the case, however, with the various matches being offered, which are displayed in matt red. While we found the menus at b-Bets to be very intuitive, we felt the design could be improved. However, there are other points with respect to user-friendliness which we did not like either. While different language versions are available, not all of the website’s content is translated. This is the case, for example, with the bonus conditions, which naturally makes it harder to find out what these are at b-Bets. Also, the names for individual matches are not always translated. Furthermore, the mobile version is less clearly structured than that for desktop, which doesn’t paint a particularly positive picture in our mind. Individual sports can only be accessed by clicking on the corresponding symbol, while special sections such as “popular leagues” are missing completely. As is any indication of the latest bonus program, which does not change at all when you click on “current offers”. Here, our b-Bets experience report noted a similar circumstance with the desktop version. In this case, too, when we clicked on the link for the welcome bonus, a new window did not open, nor could the bonus conditions be found on the website, and the only way to unearth them was to conduct a Google search. For these reasons, in the category of user-friendliness we award just 6 out of 10 points.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Our b-Bets test established many different options

Here, we have to note from the outset that we give b-Bets a very good score in this section of our test. This is because all of the payment options are clearly listed on a separate page. And the link for this information can be found in the footer section of the sports-betting homepage. Quite novel in comparison to other bookies on the market: b-Bets doesn’t hold back on information about your various transfer opportunities. In fact, we discovered all the facts we could wish for pertaining to different options. The customer has the full world of payment choices open to them, ranging from the classic Sofort to a wide variety of credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard, along with the most famous E-wallets. Furthermore, our experience with b-Bets in this area indicated that users can also select options such as Skrill and Neteller without a problem, not always the case with other bookies in the industry. b-Bets also explains from the very outset the things you have to look out for in order to recognize and select the safest payment options. One indication is the “https” of the domain name. Regardless of payment method, we noticed that the minimum deposit is £10, an amount which is pretty much standard in the market. Even somewhat “exotic” options such as E-PRO and Entercash find a place in the b-Bets repertoire. Payouts take from 1 to 2 working days to process, a little above average in this industry. We must make a few minor deductions in this category of our b-Bets evaluation due to the fact that no information was provided about any potential fees. However, all in all b-Bets performs well in this part of our test report and we award them 9 out of 10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – English speakers are at a clear advantage

Here, too, we have to praise b-Bets in our test and experience report. Why? Because they offer a wide range of contact opportunities. Clearly, this young bookmaker is making every effort to offer its customers a quality experience. On the right-hand side of the page header, you will be able to click on a “contact” link, taking you straight to an email form that is pre-addressed to In this form, you have to enter your name, email address as well as your username, which constitutes a minor restriction for nonregistered users. However, in that instance you can also get in touch with this bookmaker using the live-chat function. The live chat window can be reached quickly and easily from the sports-betting homepage as well as through the section “contact”, a fact we evaluate positively. Furthermore, you will discover a clearly organized FAQ section. One negative aspect – as previously mentioned at the top of the section – concerns translations and language. The FAQs are only in English, while the live-chat instructions, despite allowing you to select a different language version, are not available in German or other languages. Finally, they also failed to achieve perfection since they do not provide for phone contact. Consequently, in this category we award 8 out of 10 points.

PROFESSIONALISM – A good foundation with room for growth

As we mentioned at the beginning, b-bets is a bookmaker with licenses from Malta as well as Curaçao. Just like many other betting providers, b-Bets is dedicated to combating gambling addiction, providing support to its customers in this regard. However, our test reports indicate this is often merely a gesture. The fact is, when it comes to certification, a number of their competitors are a step or two ahead of the game. We were also unable to establish any sponsoring activities on the part of b-Bets, which would be a further indication of the seriousness of their approach. One positive we would like to reemphasize in our evaluation is the fact that, when it comes to payment options, b-Bets places great store in secure transactions, an unambiguous sign of their professional and dedicated work. Nonetheless, in this category of our b-Bets experience report the bookie is not quite able to score full points, receiving 9 out of 10 points possible.


Based on our experiences with b-Bets, we are happy to sound the “all clear” – with one reservation – with respect to betting taxes. It currently appears that this bookmaker does not burden its customers with these taxes, meaning that you will receive a full payout of your winnings. However, because fees and other potential costs are not addressed in their General Terms & Conditions, you should accept this information with a degree of caution. We cannot 100% exclude the possibility that you might encounter an occasional fee or two.

IN SUMMARY – Room for improvement in the main categories

Here, too, we wish to begin with the positive aspects of our b-Bets test and experience report. When it comes to payment options as well as professionalism, in our mind there is little to complain about. However, the more important the category, the more room for improvement we see from this relatively young bookmaker. With respect to user-friendliness, our experiences were anything but good, while the live-betting program was not necessarily convincing. Here, we note a lack of depth with respect to available betting markets. The situation improves when we look at betting products in general, where b-Bets has caught up significantly in recent years, which speaks for their ambitious approach and their desire to improve continually. All in all, we see b-Bets as a betting provider that lends itself for test purposes as well as for beginning tipsters. We award a total score of 77 out of 100 points, an acceptable though not outstanding result.

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