Basketball Champions League - Betting Tips

In the betting tips and predictions of the Basketball Champions League (BCL) on you will find the suitable betting variants, as well as tips and team, analyzes for each Champions Lea

Basketball EuroLeague Bet Tips with Analysis and Predictions

On this website, you will find betting tips for one of the most important basketball leagues in Europe. The so-called EuroLeague was founded in 2000. In this league, there is usually (depending on the

Germany Basketball Bundesliga Betting Tipps

This is where we publish the latest and greatest BEKO basketball tips. Here you find the tips for the upcoming BEKO BBL matches shortly after the last matchday is over. We analyze the games of Brose B

NBA Basketball Betting Tips

The National Basketball League, or the NBA for the sake of brevity, is the most popular basketball league in the world and as such it offers a wide range of betting chances. In order to get you up to

WNBA Betting Tips

The betting tips section for the WNBA brings you up-to-date basketball tips on the premier League in women’s basketball. With our tips you predict accurately when teams such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los A

Ice Hockey Bet Tips - what do you need to know about it?

It is likely to be known to many ice hockey fans that ice hockey may very well be the fastest team sport in the world. Since team sports enjoy great popularity with sports betting fans, we have of cou


Welcome to the Alps Hockey League Betting Tips Page! You’ve come to the right place for all things AHL. Okay, all things Alpine except yodeling. The AHL is a young league, having only started during t

DEL-1 Ice Hockey with Analyses and Predictions

On this page you’ll find our overview of betting tips for Germany’s top hockey league. We’ve got analyses and predictions for all the battles to come in DEL-1. Whether you’re a fan the Berlin Polar Be

Ice Hockey DEL-2 Betting Tips with Analyses and Predictions

The DEL-2 is the second-highest tier of professional hockey in Germany. Naturally we will provide you with betting tips, an overview of the various types of bets you can place on hockey matches, our p

Top Betting Tips 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship | Expert analysis, predictions and betting recommendations

Welcome to Bettingformat’s coverage of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship! Every year, we see a steady increase in hockey’s popularity, and why not? - it is the fastest team-sport of all the


Welcome to Bettingformat’s predictions page! Here you’ll find our experts’ predictions and betting tips for all the sports currently in our portfolio. If you’re a fan of soccer, basketball, tennis, ic

Soccer betting tips

For several years BETTINGFORMAT has been trying hard to provide soccer betting tips for their clients. Regardless which league is your favorite, make sure that our soccer betting tips are part of your


The German Bundesliga is one of the premier soccer leagues in the world. Germany’s ability to develop talent internally has made them a consistently strong force. In its current form, the German Bunde

2nd Bundesliga Betting Tips

The German Second League is the second highest league in German soccer. It is divided into 34 matchdays. Almost all bookmakers offer bets for this league. Thus the German Second League is important to

Austrian Bundesliga | Betting tips, predictions and analyses

Welcome to Bettingformat’s betting tips for the Austrian Bundesliga. Here you’ll find our experts’ analyses, results predictions and betting recommendations. No matter if you’re a fan of Red Bull Salz

Erste Liga Betting Tipps

This page features the best betting tips for the Austrian Sky Go Erste Liga. We publish the betting tips that our team of betting experts has analyzed and researched during the week for every match on

UEFA Champions League | Betting tips, analyses and predictions

The UEFA Champions League is one of the greatest spectacles in team sports. It also happens to be a sports bettor’s paradise. Originally founded in 1955 as the European Champions Cup, only winners fro

Betting tips Copa Amercia

This section lists all matches of the Copa America. You find our next betting tips and comparison of odds for the upcoming matches through to the finals. Our betting tips consist of the actually tip,

German Football Cup Betting Tips

Welcome to Bettingformat’s betting tips for the German Football Cup. On this page you’ll find our experts’ analyses, results predictions and betting recommendations for this time-honoured event. Coupl

DFL Supercup Betting Tips

In this section you will find our betting tips and forecasts for the German DFL Supercup. We provide the right betting tips for every match of the German Soccer Supercup. We analyze which team has the

Premier League Betting Tips

This section lists all betting tips for Barclays Premier League. The Premier League is the top division in English football, which is one of the most popular football leagues for betting. Our betting

English Football League Championship Betting Tips with Analysis and Predictions

The English 2nd Football League - the Championship - is a league what is popular far beyond the British Isles borders. There are traditional clubs, former first division clubs and those who would like

U19 EURO 2016 betting tips - European championship bets

After the Soccer Euro 2016 in France the UEFA U19 Euro starts right away but this time it takes place in Germany. We provide you again here on this website again with the best bet tips for the upcomin

Betting tips EM2015 U21

In this section you will find our sports betting tips for the EM2015 U21. There are daily betting forecasts from us, predictions with detailed analyses, and the best odds comparison, showing you the b

EM2016 Betting Tips

This section provides you with current betting tips for the European Championships in France, the EM2016. We provide you with the latest betting tips, including one of the best comparison of odds for

EURO 2020 Betting Tips | Analysis, Predictions and Betting Tips

Welcome to Bettingformat’s betting tips for the UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifiers. Here you’ll find results predictions, betting recommendations and compact analyses for the high-interest matchups in the Qual

UEFA Europa League Betting Tips with Analysis and Predictions

The UEFA Europa League gets a lot of attention here at Bettingformat. After all, this is a tournament with dozens of teams joining at different times and for different reasons. Qualification for the E

FA Cup Betting Tips with Analysis and Predictions

On this webpage, you will find the betting tips for the FA Cup, the English Football Cup. This competition has been held for more than 120 years and is one of the oldest football competitions in the w

French Football Cup - Betting tips with analysis and forecasts

On this page, you will find betting tips for Coupe de France matches. You can also find out more about the opponents of a French football cup matches and read a forecast of the matches in our betting

Betting tips for international matches

This section includes the latest tips for the international football matches. We provide you with up-to-date betting tips, combined with our unique comparison of odds. We always also list the best boo

Israel Premier League Betting Tips

The Israel Premier League was only established in 1999. 14 teams compete for the title. We supply you with current tips for the top division in Israeli football. Teams like Maccabi Tel Aviv, Maccabi H

Ligue 1 Betting Tips

The section Football Tips includes the latest betting tips for the highest French soccer league, Ligue 1. Teams such as Paris St. Germain, Monaco, Lille or Lyon compete for the French soccer title. Ou

Ligue 2 Betting Tips

This section lists the latest betting tips for the second football league in France, Ligue 2. The daily updated betting tips of our writers and betting professionals also list the best betting odds on

Eerste Divisie Betting Tipps

Netherland’s Eerste Divisie is the second highest league in Dutch football. Here you can find the best Eerste Divisie tips for all matches of this league. It includes teams like Willem 2, FC Dordrecht

Holland Eredivisie betting tips

This site exclusively publishes betting tips for every match of the best teams in the top league of Dutch football. We analyze the upcoming matches and can therefore provide a variety of Eredivisie t

Olympia Rio 2016 Soccer Men Betting Tips

The summer break isn´t shorter only because of the EURO but also because of the olympic games in rio 2016 which take place from the 5th of august 2016 until the 21st of august 2016 when the big offici

Where can you find the best betting tips for Polish Ekstraklasa?

Not too long ago we added a new European football league to our portfolio. Now our users can bet on Polish Ekstraklasa. Following is some information that you should read in this regard.

Portugal Primeira Liga Betting Tips

In the tip area for the Portugal Primera Liga you can always find the latest tips for the matches of Benefica Lissabon, Sporting Lissabon, FC Porto, Estoril Praia, Nacional Funchal, Vitoria Setubal an

Spain Primera Division Betting Tipps (LA LIGA)

In the tip section for the Primera Division, you will find the latest betting tips for La Liga, the highest league in Spanish football. Thus, it represents the 1st league. With clubs like Atletico Mad

Russia Premier League Betting Tips

This section provides the latest betting tips for the Russian Premier League. We analyze each matchday and publish our new expert advice on this page shortly after the last matchday. Our Russia Premie

Scotland Premier League Betting Tips

In this section we regularly publish up-to-date Scotland Premier League tips. 12 teams and 38 matchdays means 6 tips per week for the top Scottish football league. Here you can find tips for the games

Serie A Betting Tips

Our betting experts provide up-to-the-minute betting tips for the Italy Series A (Premier Football League in Italy). Our writers and sports betting professionals analyze the past matches after the las

Serie B Betting Tips

You will find all betting tips for the Second Football League of Italy in our tip section for Italy Series B. Teams like US Palermo, FC Empoli, AC Siena, US Latina, AS Bari, AC Cesena, or FC Modena co

Greece Super League Betting Tips

We publish our professional advice in time for the next matchday for the first league in Greece, the Super League. We don’t miss a match. We always provide betting tips for each match of the best foot

Switzerland Super League Betting Tips and Predictions

Here, you’ll find all the betting tips for the Swiss Super League. Our Super League betting tips are updated daily, so you will always have a current betting tip for every match available before every

Turkey 1. Lig Betting Tips

In our tip section for the football matches in the Turkish 1st Lig, you find the latest betting tips and predictions for the upcoming matches in the second-highest Turkish football league. The new tip

Turkey Süper Lig Betting Tips

Here, you’ll find the best betting tips for the Türkeyi Süper Lig, the premier league in Turkish football. Our team of betting professionals puts the betting tips for the upcoming matches on this site

UEFA Supercup Betting Tips 2016

Here you can find all betting tips including the best odds for one of the most exciting matches of the year - the UEFA Supercup. This match brings you the duel of the UEFA Champions League winner and

Tennis Betting Tips ATP

Tennis is one of the most popular sports on the betting scene - the tennis circus tours almost all year round on every continent in the world. On Bettingformat you can find our current tennis betting