Our 22bet test and experience report is one of many reviews we have written within the framework of our broad overview of betting providers. This makes it possible for you to be well informed about the offers of high-profile, but also of less well-known bookmakers. As has been the case with all other reports of this kind, we have selected transparent categories for our 22bet review – each of which has been carefully examined and evaluated to make comparisons as easy as possible. In addition to the betting products in general, our 22bet experiences are divided into categories that include betting odds, live betting, as well as those that pertain to customer satisfaction more specifically. Once you have read the entire review, you will have reliable, concise information about the pros and cons of this bookmaker at your fingertips, making it easier for you to choose the sports betting provider who best meets your needs. In the case of 22bet, we are looking at a new face that first began to establish itself in the industry at the start of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Reading time: 5 min
Topics covered in this article:
  1. Betting products
  2. Betting odds
  3. Live bets
  4. Betting Bonus
  5. User-friendliness
  6. Customer service
  7. Professionalism
  8. Summary
22bet Bonus
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Betting bonus details 22bet

100% up to $ 122
Our review and our experiences with 22bet
86/100 Percent
Criteria Rating
Betting offer 20 / 20
Odds 17 / 20
Live betting 8 / 10
Betting bonus 8 / 10
Usability 8 / 10
Methods of payment 9 / 10
Customer Service 7 / 10
Integrity 9 / 10

BETTING PRODUCTS – 22bet review indicates a well-positioned bookmaker

Our experiences in this first review category, betting products, definitely surpassed our expectations. However, you do have to take a short and slightly confusing “detour” before you finally reach the highly extensive repertoire of this provider. You can read more about this issue in our category “user-friendliness”. Once you have overcome this hurdle, however, you are in for quite a treat. Our review revealed significantly more than 40 different sports, from classics such as football and tennis, to moderately well-known sports like cricket, along with beach soccer and field hockey. In other words, everything a fan of sports betting could possibly desire. This is complemented by an enormous range of so-called E-sports. Here, too, we can name approximately 40 games that you can choose to bet on. The selection of leagues available is actually quite jaw-dropping. So the result is: 20/20 points.

BETTING ODDS – with room for improvement

Unfortunately, our review indicated that this betting provider’s odds do not keep pace with the betting products themselves. For the purposes of our review, we took a look at the odds offered for the English Premier League, odds which ranged for the most part between 93 and 94%. We can’t really talk about bad odds, bearing in mind that 92% is generally our baseline for a positive rating. That said, with payout rates such as these this bookmaker doesn’t stand out from the crowd, especially when we remember that a number of their competitors offer a rate much closer to 97%.

We notice a similar issue with the German Bundesliga. In other leagues and sports, too – such as ice hockey – the rates hover in the low 93% range, which speaks to a certain consistency and very little spread with respect to their odds. A number of isolated outliers on the high-end were discovered, however, such as basketball. Based on our research, we would suggest betting on tennis: with payout rates in some cases as high as 98% and almost all over 95%. When looking at betting odds, we should always remember: These numbers can change on an almost hourly basis, which clearly indicates you should always take a close look at the odds being quoted before placing your bets. Overall, in this category of our review we still award a strong 17/20 points.

The 22bet website and its modern design

LIVE BETS – broad selection of E-sports for positive 22bet experiences

The live betting opportunities are also attractive. At the time we conducted our research, events in no fewer than 15 different sports were available. This repertoire was kicked up an extra notch thanks to strong numbers with respect to E-sports, with de facto the entire spectrum available for betting purposes; equating to roughly 40 different sports. For fans of “classic” sports, too, we have lots of positive news to report about the Live Center. For example, this young bookmaker features an extensive statistics area. Also, the live events and categories are placed prominently on the website directly beneath the usual sports betting offers, also quick and easy to access by means of the two direct links provided. We were compelled to make minor deductions with respect to design. While this betting provider clearly strives for a modern look, this is slightly at the expense of orientation within the live area. Furthermore, a live calendar was not apparent at the time of our 22bet review. Also, streaming offers were completely absent, though one shouldn’t be too severe with such a young member of the industry in this regard. In contrast, our experiences with the betting markets for live events were enormously positive. In fact, for some events significantly over 100 betting opportunities were offered, in light of which, the isolated low-end outliers are readily forgiven. Likewise impressive: The payout rate for live bets was constantly, and occasionally significantly above 90%. A fact that is, of course, worthy of positive note. As a consequence, in this category of our review we award 8 out of 10 points.

BETTING BONUS – a generous offer, but mind the clock

22bet throws open their doors to new customers by offering a generous £ 22 in free bets contingent upon a £ 10 initial deposit / wager. 22bet’s program is not the traditional matching funds scheme, but rather an insurance policy of sorts. In the unhappy event that your qualifying bet of at least £ 10 loses, 22bet will graciously credit £ 22 to your betting account. We like this arrangement, but per the terms and conditions, you only have 7 days to place the free bet after the money has been deposited. When taking into account all the factors, in this category we award 8 out of 10 points.

Betting bonus details 22bet

100% up to $ 122

USER-FRIENDLINESS – slight deductions in our 22bet review

Due to its wide selection of sports betting opportunities, this bookmaker’s website occasionally felt a little cluttered, which naturally led us to make slight deductions. Also, the fact that extensive scrolling is sometimes necessary when using the desktop version, in order to gain a complete overview of all available sports, doesn’t necessarily make a positive impression. The same applies to the fact that, when you first visit the website, those same sports aren’t displayed immediately and, instead, you first have to click on the “sports betting” button located in the header area in order to be redirected to the full selection of sports. We already criticized this in our category “Betting Products”. Furthermore, the header area is divided into “Live”, “Casino”, “Live Casino”, “Virtual Sport” and “Cyber Sport”. Above this, the categories Bonus, Payments, Statistics, Results, Casino and Shop are displayed. The last of these is definitely worthy of positive note: In this shop, it is also possible to redeem Bet Points that have been earned by unlocking the bonus, which may also give you access to other “goodies”. This particular innovation is definitely a unique selling point. In this category we give 22bet 8/10 points.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – no reason for any deductions in the 22bet review

When it comes to payment, our review indicates that this bookmaker offers a broad and transparent range of options. Transparency is especially important to us in this category. But one thing at a time: Firstly, this particular betting provider impressed us with the fact you don’t have to hunt for available options for your initial payment in the help area. Instead, a button has been installed in the header field of the website, linking you to a separate specific webpage. Furthermore, this page – unlike several competitors – is not only accessible to logged-in or registered customers, but also to interested visitors who do not yet have a user account; resulting in a highly positive experience.

Incredible: Almost 220 (!) different transaction options are offered here, meaning that every user is certain to find a payment method that works well for them. While the payout conditions are described in more detail than those pertaining to deposits, the various minimum amounts are listed in different currencies, which we also see as a positive. The bookmaker explicitly points out that you cannot credit your wagering account by means of another person’s e-wallet. In fact, 22bet reserves the right to return any such funds in your betting account to the actual owner of the E-wallet without any prior notification. In addition to the page focused on deposits, you will discover a separate page for payouts, providing you with details about transaction timelines as well as any potential fees. Simultaneously, on the left side you can arrange information according to payment categories – such as “credit cards”, “E-wallets” etc. – though the generic overview of all payment options does essentially the same thing. In the face of such a variety of choices, it is somewhat surprising that PayPal was absent as a payment option. With this in mind – and with a heavy heart – we feel compelled to deduct one point in this category. Consequently, we award 9 out of 10 points possible.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – lack of telephone contact dampened our experiences with 22bet

In this category, we see the occasional cause for regret. As already mentioned in the header, this bookmaker currently does not offer (as yet) telephone service. That said, a live chat is provided, responding to our inquiries quickly and understandably. In addition, email addresses are provided for technical assistance as well as security matters. However, for any questions relating to your account, payments, payouts etc., other than the live chat function, you “only” are provided with a contact form, though this form does promise a prompt response. Unfortunately, you are not given the opportunity to categorize your request, which might prove useful both for the bookmaker as well as the customer. Beyond that, within the scope of our research we were unable to discover an FAQ area, something which is generally featured by other competitors, forcing us to deduct a point or two in this area. However, this young bookmaker is very well represented on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Taking all things into consideration, we award 7 out of 10 points in this category.

PROFESSIONALISM – 22bet review indicates ties to other members of the industry

In the course of our research, we established that the company Marikit Holdings Ltd is the power behind this particular betting provider, a company also responsible for the sportsbook area of competitor 1xbet, for example. This certainly explains the outstanding scores we were able to award in the categories “Betting Products” and “Betting Odds”. Overall, however, in our experience the Internet presence of this “little brother” comes across as even more professional. The business is licensed in Curacao, while their corporate headquarters is on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Both the license as well as the EU headquarters further indicate the professionalism of this particular provider, indicators we also encounter at a number of their competitors. In addition, at 22bet you have the option to set your own personal payment and loss limits, while this betting provider also allows you to put your account on hold for a period of time. Nonetheless: There are few if any warning notices on this bookmaker’s website about responsible gambling and the prevention of gambling addiction, while research into the details of licensing requirements – especially in comparison with most other providers – proves exceptionally difficult. Bearing all of this in mind, we are compelled to make some deductions in this category and therefore award 9 out of 10 points.

IN SUMMARY – 22bet review indicates a young provider with enormous potential Overall Score

To conclude our experience review, we wish to briefly summarize the most important points we have addressed. The fact is: This bookie, which has only been represented on the market since 2018, definitely holds its own against the big names in the industry. 22bet does lag slightly when it comes to odds as well as the live area. However, the welcome bonus compares very well with many other offers, offering a variant that appeals especially to newcomers. As for security and professionalism, additional information would certainly have been desirable, while the wide selection of payment methods guarantees everyone ample options. All in all, we make slight points deductions in many areas, which in no way detracts from the fact that, based on our extensive review, we absolutely recommend paying a visit to this provider’s website – especially for newcomers to the world of sports betting.

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