1xbet Test Report – Our Experiences and Review

In our 1xbet test, we wish to present to you the valuable information and experiences which we gathered. This provides the foundation for our 1xbet evaluation. In total, in our 1xbet test report we took a close look at 8 different evaluation criteria. First of all, a few hard facts about this betting provider: 1xbet has Russian roots and has been in the sports-betting market since 2007. The bookmaker operates over 1000 bookmaking offices – primarily in Eastern Europe. Over the course of the last 10 years, 1xbet has experienced a remarkable rise and is now at the pinnacle of the betting industry. Based on our own 1xbet experiences, it is above all the outstanding odds which provide the basis for the success of this shooting star. The bookmaker has been awarded high-quality betting licenses from Curaçao and Cyprus, now counting over 400,000 registered users amongst its regular clientele. In the following report, we highlight other aspects of the 1xbet offer that also scored well, along with those areas that merit a deduction or two!

Lesedauer: 6 min
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Unser Testbericht und unsere Erfahrungen bei 1xbet
94/100 Percent

Betting bonus details 1xbet

100% up to $ 130
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Criteria Rating
Betting offer 20 / 20
Odds 20 / 20
Live betting 9 / 10
Betting bonus 9 / 10
Benutzerfreundlichkeit 8 / 10
Methods of payment 9 / 10
Customer Service 9 / 10
Seriosität 9 / 10
App / Mobile 10 / 10

BETTING PRODUCTS – In our test, 1xbet delivered an incredibly broad wagering portfolio

Based on our experience with 1xbet, we established that this betting provider offers an extremely extensive selection of betting opportunities, eclipsing the betting portfolios of many other online bookmakers. In the course of compiling our test report, we noted some 50 different sports: Whereas football is the clear number one of course, it is also possible to place bets on countless other sporting events. Aside from the classics tennis, basketball, ice hockey and volleyball, 1xbet also offers an attractive selection of sports wagers that are not, or only rarely found with other bookies. At 1xbet, you can also bet on less common sports such as CrossFit, figure skating, various combat sports, rowing, sumo and trotting. The finishing touches to their offer are provided by social bets and an extensive e- sports program, placing 1xbet squarely at the head of the pack. In addition to sports betting, 1xbet also offers slots, virtual sports and a live casino.
We found the depth of the betting program at 1xbet very convincing from start to finish: In football, in addition to the top leagues, they also cover competitions around the globe. Other than the most high-profile competitions, this bookmaker’s program includes youth leagues and amateur football from various countries (including Germany and Austria). The betting products of 1xbet won us over in terms of quantity, but also quality: In football, there are often more than 1000 betting markets available per match – an incredible number that is practically beyond compare. When it comes to the other sports as well, practically every conceivable wish of sports-betting fans is addressed – ultimately, this is a thoroughly phenomenal betting program, reflected in the points we have awarded to 1xbet in this category: 20/20.

BETTING ODDS – Our experiences with 1xbet confirm the leading position of this betting provider

As for the odds they offer, no one outshines 1xbet! Top to bottom, the excellent odds delivered by this bookmaker are really astonishing and demand respect. To this point, the other betting providers haven’t been able to come close to keeping pace with 1xbet in this area. A comparison of odds confirms that this bookmaker clearly leads the field. In football, the 1xbet payback percentage is astonishingly high, on average scratching at the 98% ceiling in the European leagues and even breaking through it in the top leagues. Even for wagers outside of top-flight European football, 1xbet generally offers its customers far and away the highest payback percentage. The same applies to detail bets and sub-wagers: There are simply no outliers on the low end when we’re talking about this bookmaker – In terms of betting odds, 1xbet lays the benchmark, which logically explains why we give them our highest possible rating in this category of 20/20.

1xbet website We see much room for improvement

LIVE BETS – Users of 1xbet are truly spoiled for choices

The evaluation category “Live Bets” is a seamless extension of the outstanding services we detailed in the previous section. The 1xbet test showed that this bookmaker offers a very diverse and, above all, generous live-betting program. With respect to quantity, in other words the wealth of betting opportunities, none of the competition comes close to this bookmaker. This includes the wide selection of various live events – both in terms of sport, leagues, competitions – as well as the numerous options for detail bets. Our experience also showed that, when it came to live wagering, it was not rare to discover more than 100, and in some cases even 200 different betting markets per sporting event. Especially in the booming field of E-sports, this bookie definitely appears to be setting the pace: especially those E-sports that portray real sports, including FIFA, ice hockey, rugby etc., are in high demand at 1xbet, and can only be found to this degree through this particular betting provider. Our experiences with 1xbet also revealed that, with respect to the odds offered on live bets, this bookmaker finds itself amongst the elite, though the odds can’t keep pace, of course, with those offered for pre-match wagers. However, in comparison with other bookies, this betting provider still enjoys a leading position. In addition to its attractive live-bet portfolio, 1xbet also offers numerous statistics, visualizations and graphics to accompany live events, assisting wagering fans in placing their bets. Furthermore, live streams are regularly made available, though it is often necessary to use appropriate software to get around regional restrictions. One point of criticism in our evaluation of 1xbet: The overall design of the Live Center is, like the rest of the homepage, not particularly visually appealing and appears overcrowded. This betting provider essentially throws all live games into a single pot – which frequently makes it hard for users to fully comprehend what league or sport is involved with a particular event. In this regard, we feel that there is need for improvement. In our 1xbet test report, we award 9/10 points.

BETTING BONUS – The 1xbet bonus: high bonus amount – tricky payout conditions

Betting bonus details 1xbet

100% up to $ 130
Bonuscode: WF130

USER-FRIENDLINESS – 1xbet test reveals potential for improvement

As outstanding as the betting products and odds are – when it comes to usability and user-friendliness, in our experience 1xbet has much room for improvement. Finding your way around the website is possible, but takes some effort initially – and even then, it is not entirely clear. The structure of the site as well as the menus sometimes defies all logic. For example, the sports that are offered are not neatly listed – as is the case with other betting providers – but rather, strung in a row and only findable after multiple clicks. Though a search function is offered, it frequently refuses to cooperate. In general, the effect of the site is too colorful, too overloaded, too hectic. You search for clear structure and easy navigability in vain. By the time they actually get to place their bet, sports tipsters might well already have a minor Odyssey under their belts. Likewise, the depiction of betting markets within individual sporting events is dreadful. What 1xbet delivers from a purely optical perspective, is quite shameful. Impossible to understand – since they should be providing a great stage for their exciting offers and excellent odds.
Now, however, we come to the positive impressions we collected during our 1xbet test report: 1xbet features an outstanding statistics & results center. This makes it possible for sports tipsters to quickly gather information that might prove valuable in developing their betting strategies. Furthermore, the bookmaker offers a beautiful overview page that presents and explains all payment and payout options clearly by country. As a user, you have to ask yourself: Why isn’t it all like this? Our personal tip: It works best if you resort to the 1xbet app! Its design is somewhat more clear and user-friendly than the actual homepage. That said, we can only recommend the optimized mobile version within limits. However, thanks to this app, mobile betting through 1xbet is fun! Should you go ahead and register with this bookie, we recommend downloading it, which is quite simple using the website. In our 1xbet test, because of their very curiously conceived Internet presence, we are only able to award 6 out of 10 points.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – 1xbet impresses with low deposit and payout amounts

In our 1xbet report, we also wanted to get an accurate impression of the options for depositing funds and receiving a payout on this bookie’s website. In total, the bookmaker offers worldwide – incredible but true – more than 200 different payment options. Naturally, things do vary from country to country, but even here 1xbet has something to crow about. Customers whose primary residence is in Germany have 37 different transaction options available to them – while users in Austria even 40! In the 1xbet test, we established that this bookmaker doesn’t slap on any service charges, regardless of the mode of payment. Furthermore, in virtually all instances the minimum amount of your payment is just one euro! As you have probably already guessed from the wide selection of transaction options, customers are spoiled for choices: credit cards, E-wallets, cash, payment systems, Internet banking, prepaid cards and even a pallet of crypto currencies are all available. In our mind, only one payment provider is missing: PayPal, which is why we deduct one point from 1xbet in this category. However, also when it comes to payout options, customers in the German-speaking world have around 30 different methods available to them, again not subject to any fees, with this bookie offering payouts on amounts as little as €2, something you won’t find anywhere else! 9/10.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our experiences with the support team of 1xbet

1xbet offers its customers several ways to get in contact. If you have questions or concerns, you can phone customer support at +44 127 325 69 87. Just bear in mind, this is an English phone number and potentially subject to additional charges from the German-speaking world. Using their hotline would therefore not be our preferred option. On the other hand, if you have questions or suggestions, you can click on “contacts” on the lower part of the page and send the contact form to the support team of 1xbet. In that case, you must merely provide your name, email address and enter a message. In addition, the bookmaker provides customers with several specific email addresses to turn to depending on the topic. This includes separate addresses for general questions, security matters, partnerships etc. The fact that 1xbet also offers a live-chat feature we see as being very positive. Just remember, this function is run in English. The bookie also provides help via Facebook Messenger. In general, you will have to wait for around 1 day to receive a response. This bookmaker’s customer service makes every effort to respond to concerns thoroughly, which might occasionally take time. In comparison, many other betting providers offer assistance faster. However, we again draw your attention to the various contact options this bookmaker provides. In our test report, we give 1xbet a respectable score of 8 out of 10 points.

PROFESSIONALISM – 1xbet is regarded in the industry as a trustworthy bookie

We should point out without further ado that 1xbet is a very professional betting provider, one that feels obliged to meet the high standards demanded by the betting licenses it was awarded in Curaçao and Cyprus. However, it might occasionally happen that this bookmaker’s website is blocked by certain Internet providers. This betting provider does not reference any alliances focused on responsible gambling. In addition to its sports-betting program, 1xbet also allows wagering on cockfighting as well as trading in binary options. The first of these, while morally dubious, is not illegal everywhere. This has no effect on their professional handling of customer data, of course. High quality SSL encoding and a commitment to data privacy further confirm the trustworthiness of this provider, which got off to a flying start on the sports-wagering market 10 years ago for good reason. In forums, some users complain about isolated problems in verifying their betting account. Within the scope of our test, however, we only had positive experiences and no problems in that regard. 9/10.


Very good news for sports tipsters from Germany: 1xbet does not charge you betting tax. You can find everything you need to know about betting taxes right here.

IN SUMMARY – Test report awards top scores to 1xbet in the main categories

In our 1xbet test, this bookmaker scored an outstanding 88 out of 100 points possible. Highlights for this betting provider were undoubtedly the two main categories “Betting Products” and “Betting Odds”, in which 1xbet shone and earned full points, which sets this bookmaker apart in our comparison of major online bookmakers. With regards to live bets as well, it is impossible to reproach 1xbet with respect to betting opportunities or odds. In the category “Payment Options”, the bookie also performs outstandingly since it offers a broad portfolio of pay-in and pay-out methods, and without charging any fees. Furthermore, the respective minimum amounts for deposits (1 euro) and payouts (2 euro) are unbeatable. 1xbet makes a lucrative betting bonus available to new customers, certain to garner attention due to a high bonus amount of €130. However, the payout requirements for this bonus offer don’t entirely convince us. The only truly negative point is with regards to the webpage and mobile site, both of which can fairly be defined as user-unfriendly. Here, the bookie definitely has room for improvement, after all, what good does it do to have the best betting product and the highest odds, when the webpage itself is very difficult to navigate? In total, new customers can count on numerous advantages if they decide to register with 1xbet. Our test report impressively showed why this betting provider got off to such a swift start in the sports-betting market.