How do deposit money into my 1xbet betting account?

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1xbet makes depositing money into your betting account fast and hassle-free. There are literally 150+ of different payment options available to you depending on your location. This should come as no surprise – your wagers are the lifeblood of the gambling industry. Right or wrong, some people have misgivings about 1xbet’s Russian roots. This is understandable at first blush, but ultimately unfounded. 1xbet has operating licenses in Cyprus and Curacao which oblige them to adhere to stringent regulations. As further proof of 1xbet’s good standing, we can indicate their 400,000 strong customer base and working relationships with several top football leagues and franchises including Spain’s La Liga and the Tottenham Hotspurs. You can rest assured that your funds are landing in the appropriate place. Read on to learn all about how to quickly and successfully make deposits to your 1xbet betting account.

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  • Deposit overview
  • Detailed instruction for deposits
  • Deposit options
  • Can I use PayPal?
  • Minimum required deposit
  • Identity verification
  • Processing times
  • M-Payments
  • Deposits using app / mobile version
  • Processing fees
  • How safe is a deposit with 1xbet?
  • 1xbet bonuses
  • Withdrawal after a deposit
  • Troubleshooting

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Betting bonus details 1xbet

Betting bonus details 1xbet"
Bonus details
100% matching funds on first deposit
up to € 130 !
Exclusive bonus code: BF130
All details
  • Minimum Betting Odds: 1.40
  • Minimum Rollover: 1x
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: € 10
  • Deadline: 30 Days from Registration
  • Required Bet: Combination Bet with 5-lines
  • 300 Bonus Points automatically credited to your account
  • Offer valid in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
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How do I make a deposit to my 1xbet betting account?

Below is a step-by-step overview of how to successfully deposit funds into your 1xbet betting account:

  • 1. Click on one of the photos on this page for an automatic redirect to 1xbet.
  • 2. If it is your first time, register as a new customer or log in with your password.
  • 3. Find the wallet icon (mobile version) or the dollar sign ‘$’ (desktop version) to jump to the payments page and select ‘Deposit.’
  • 4. Select your desired payment method and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • 5. Place your bets!
A clean and clear button panel for easy navigation

Detailed instruction for deposits:

Once you are registered and logged in to 1xbet, you have two options for making deposits. The fastest way to make a deposit is to navigate to the payments page via the green ‘DEPOSIT’ button on the top row of the screen. You can also navigate your way to this field via your account settings. If you use this second option, you will be prompted to find the deposit method of your region. Once you’ve done that, simply choose how much you’d like to deposit to your betting account, provide the appropriate account numbers and you’re well and truly on your way to 1xbet’s super-abundant betting markets.

Which deposit methods are available at 1xbet?

1xbet has done everything in their power to make moving your money to their betting account as streamlined as possible. 1xbet offers you dozens and dozens of depositing methods. All told, 1xbet has over 150 different depositing possibilities, but the actual number available to you depends on your region. You can employ the standard approach of using credit cards and bank transfer or you can get ultra-modern and use a suite of e-wallets such as Skrill and NETELLER. 1xbet also accepts deposits via 20 different cryptocurrencies, if you’re so inclined.

With over 160 avenues for deposits, 1xbet has optimised their system for ease of use.

Can I make a deposit via my PayPal account?

Unfortunately, no. Due to various legal issues far too complex for this editor, PayPal is no longer an option for depositing funds into your 1xbet betting account. Please read the link below for a more detailed explanation of the PayPal situation.

What is 1xbet’s minimum required deposit?

1xbet’s minimum deposit requirements are arrestingly low. With the exception of PurplePay’s € 10 minimum deposit and NETELLER’s € 2 deposit requirement, 1xbet requires a paltry 1 € deposit from the remainder of the participating financial institutions. This frugal amount extends to cryptocurrencies as well.

Will I have to verify my identity before I can make a deposit?

When it comes to deposits, you will not necessarily have to verify your identity and residence. 1xbet may very well insist upon such verification before releasing funds via withdrawal. You can learn more about this procedure in our article about withdrawing funds from your 1xbet betting account.

How long before my deposit is credited to my account?

Deposits via a bank transfer can take up to 3 hours to be fully processed and credited to your betting account. According to 1xbet, all other forms of deposit are credited instantaneously.

Can I use my mobile phone to make a deposit?

Yes. Depending on your region, you can use your mobile phone to make deposits to your 1xbet account. As of the time of this writing, the following providers are accepted by 1xbet: Tele 2, Beeline, Airtel, Dinarak, CBE, Siru Mobile, MTS, Megafon, Equity EazzyPay and M-Birr as well as M-Pesa Kenya.

Mobile Payment 1xbet 1xbet features mobile payments to customers in certain regions

Can I make deposits using the app or the mobile version?

Yes. You can make deposits to your 1xbet account via the app or mobile version. The procedure is virtually identical to that of the desktop version. We gently remind you that depending on your region, some depositing techniques may not be available to you. For example, depending on whose smartphone we used, m-payments were not always possible.

Does 1xbet charge processing fees for deposits?

1xbet waives all processing fees for deposits. Generally speaking this is an industry standard, but we’ve seen a few bookmakers apply a surcharge to certain deposits. 1xbet is a decidedly customer friendly betting provider and we tip our hats to this small grace.

How safe is a deposit with 1xbet?

As we mentioned in the opening section of this article, 1xbet’s responsible handling of your money is beyond reproach. From time to time, certain financial institutions impose sanctions upon this bookmaker. These are geopolitical issue that have nothing to do with 1xbet and your fiduciary peace of mind. On a practical level, 1xbet employs state-of-the-art SSL encryption and data protection technology to ensure no-one fiddles about with your identity or monies.

Criteria Rating
Betting offer 20 / 20
Odds 20 / 20
Live betting 9 / 10
Betting bonus 9 / 10
Usability 8 / 10
Methods of payment 9 / 10
Customer Service 9 / 10
Integrity 9 / 10

Does 1xbet have any bonuses I should know about?

1xbet welcomes new customers into their fold with a generous welcome bonus. New customers who avail themselves of Bettingformat’s supplemental bonus code ‘BF130’ receive 100% matching funds up to € 130 on their first deposit, plus 300 bonus points which can be used in a number of engaging ways on 1xbet’s site. The terms and conditions pertaining to 1xbet’s bonus program are, on balance, fair. We direct the reader’s attention to our specially prepared article wherein we discuss all the particulars of the program. Keep in mind, certain geographic restrictions can apply.

Betting bonus details 1xbet

Betting bonus details 1xbet"
Bonus details
100% matching funds on first deposit
up to € 130 !
Exclusive bonus code: BF130
All details
  • Minimum Betting Odds: 1.40
  • Minimum Rollover: 1x
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: € 10
  • Deadline: 30 Days from Registration
  • Required Bet: Combination Bet with 5-lines
  • 300 Bonus Points automatically credited to your account
  • Offer valid in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Get the bonus

Can I withdraw money immediately after making a deposit?

As per 1xbet’s regulations, withdrawals are only possible after the deposited amount has been converted at least one time at gambling odds of 1.10. Early withdrawal of the deposited seed money is not possible. We further refer the reader to our 1xbet withdrawal page.

What if I have problems when depositing money into my 1xbet account?

In the off chance that you encounter difficulties whilst making a deposit to your 1xbet betting account, we advise you to initiate a live chat. On the bottom right hand side of every screen, you will find a green tab which allows you to begin a chat. You can also find all contact information on the bottom left hand side of the screen. If you are not a fan of typing, you can call their hotlines or request a call-back by selecting the telephone receiver icon at the top of each screen.

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