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How do we rate the 18bet offer?

The 18bet bonus is intended to enhance the appeal of this young online betting provider to new customers, with the initial buy-in doubled up to an amount of €100. This would then make a maximum amount of €200 available to you for your first forays into online wagering. As a new customer, once you have completed your registration with 18bet, you will have to deposit a minimum of €10 and, in the process of authorizing the transfer, enter the bonus code WSB 100. Once you have received the 18bet bonus, there are certain conditions which you must meet in order to receive a payout of the bonus in real money. For example, the sum of your first payment and the bonus amount must be bet a total of 12 times on wagers at 18bet, with the betting provider giving you 21 days to do so. Furthermore, wagers which do not meet the minimum odds of 1.80 are excluded from the 18bet bonus. Below, we describe all of the wagering conditions which are required by the 18bet bonus offer at length.

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18bet Bonus
€ 150 Bonus 100% up to € 100 Bonuscode: WSB100 Register Now!

Explained simply: how does the 18bet bonus work?

By clicking on the button provided above, you will be taken straight to the website of 18bet. Once there, you must first register as a new customer and deposit a minimum amount of €10. When making this first payment, don’t forget to enter the bonus code WSB100, otherwise you will invalidate the offer and no longer be able to take advantage of the 18bet bonus. You will now receive a 100% bonus on top of the amount of your first payment credited to your account, with certain wagering conditions that must be met before you can receive a payout of the bonus as well as any winnings it has generated. We have provided details of these conditions for you below including wagering requirements, geographical restrictions as well as deadlines.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

The 18bet offer gives you a 100% bonus on your first payment. In other words, the amount of your initial buy-in will be matched by this betting provider and credited straight to your account.

Maximum possible bonus amount

Thanks to the 18bet bonus, your first deposit to your account will be doubled up to an amount of €100. This would therefore place at your disposal a total of €200 (sum of your payment plus the bonus amount) if you indeed decided to deposit €100.

How to receive your 18bet bonus

1. Click on the link provided here to go quickly and securely to the website of this betting provider
2. Open your new account with 18bet
3. Deposit at least €10 to your account and enter bonus code WSB100
4. Meet all of the wagering conditions

Bonus conditions: what aspects of the 18bet bonus should you be aware of?

The 18bet bonus requires you to meet certain conditions before you are eligible to receive a payout of the bonus as well as any winnings it may have generated. Below, we go into further detail about these conditions, including minimum odds, wagering requirements and time restrictions so that there will be no unexpected surprises.

Minimum buy-in
In order for you to be eligible for the 18bet bonus, the first deposit to your account may not be less than €10. Should you indeed decide to deposit the minimum amount, you would then have a total of €20 available to you on your wagering account.

Minimum wager
For you to receive a payout of the 18bet bonus, you must bet the sum of your deposit plus the bonus amount 12 times on wagers offered through the bookmaker’s website. You should also be aware that the amount of each of your individual wagers may not exceed 50% of the bonus amount. Multiple wagers on identical results as well as wagers on both potential outcomes of an event are not permitted within the framework of the 18bet bonus.

Minimum odds
For your wagers to qualify towards the 18bet bonus, the odds must be at least 1.80. The system automatically excludes wagers that do not meet this requirement from your betting slip.

Time restrictions
You have 21 days to meet these wagering conditions. If you do not meet all conditions within this time period, your bonus is forfeited.

Payment restrictions
In the course of our research into the 18bet bonus, we were unable to establish any restrictions with respect to payment methods. This means that, in our experience, you will be able to make use of any of the payment services listed on the website of 18bet. However, we wish to point out that the payment services available through Neteller and Skrill are frequently excluded from bonus offers of other betting providers, so we definitely advise caution in this regard.

Geographical restrictions

Tipsters from Burkina Faso, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, Romania and Ukraine are excluded from the 18bet bonus. However, in our experience customers from all other countries are able to participate in the bonus program.

Our evaluation of the 18bet bonus: what were the key factors?

The 18bet offer is very attractive with a substantial bonus amount of 100%, de facto doubling the new customer’s initial deposit. As is the case with most bonus offers, naturally, the 18bet bonus does require you to meet certain wagering conditions: The sum of your initial buy-in plus the bonus amount must be wagered 12 times on this betting provider’s website before you are eligible to receive a payout of the bonus as well as any winnings that resulted. You should also be aware of the minimum odds of 1.80 as well as a time restriction of 21 days, which certainly makes the wagering conditions required by the 18bet bonus quite demanding. However, there are no restrictions to your payment options, which means you can use any of the payment services listed on the 18bet website to make your first payment.

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